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Armchair Cleaning

When a day of work is over, there’s nothing like settling back in your favorite armchair for some relaxation. But what about if your armchair is beginning to look dingy? It’s not quite as inviting then, and if you use any kind of hair treatment, you may well notice a very unattractive dark stain on the back of the chair. When you want to make your armchair comfortable and welcoming again, let us, at Smart Choice Carpet, get your old friend clean once more.

Different Armchair Upholstery Needs Different Cleaning Methods

Once you have decided that your armchair needs a good cleaning, it’s important to remember that not all upholstery is the same and that a cleaning method that works well for one kind can seriously damage another. It doesn’t make sense to try to clean your armchair yourself when there are professionals nearby who have the knowledge and expertise to do it safely.

  • Suede armchairs can be among the most difficult to clean safely. It does take a professional to remove stains and dirt from suede without wrecking it.
  • Fabric armchairs might be considered the easiest to clean, but with so many kinds of fabric, it’s easy to make a mistake and damage the material, especially if the upholstery is made of natural fibers.
  • Microfiber is a tough, durable fabric that can look like leather or suede, and although it does resist dirt to a great extent, it will become soiled in time. Removing the dirt without damaging the microfiber can be tricky, but our professionals are up to the job.
  • Leather armchairs just have a beauty all their own, but cleaning should be done by a professional service that has the right cleaning solutions for the chair.

No armchair stays clean forever, and when it’s time to get the grime out of your favorite lounging spot, you may well want to consider using a professional service.