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Loveseat Cleaning

The idea behind loveseats is very nice and cozy – it’s to allow two people to sit close together. Today’s loveseats can probably be more properly considered as small sofas, and they are ideal for sitting and watching television or just chatting. Unfortunately, like any other article of furniture that is used fairly regularly, at some point loveseat cleaning will be needed to remove accumulated grime. Once your loveseat has begun to look dirty, and perhaps give off odors, it certainly won’t be a very inviting place to sit and snuggle

Loveseat Sleeper

Besides providing cozy seating, you may decide to purchase a loveseat sleeper. When closed, there is no way to tell this loveseat from any other, but once opened, it can provide a comfortable bed, either for yourself or for guests.

Of course, a loveseat sleeper will need more care than an ordinary loveseat because at some point the mattress will also need cleaning.

Professional Loveseat Cleaning

When your loveseat is crying out for a good cleaning, use Smart Choice Carpet, we understand the needs of all kinds of upholstery, and can make certain that your loveseat will be cleaned safely. Our technicians use the most modern methods to clean:

  • Microfiber
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Natural fibers
  • Suede
  • Leather

Stain removal is our specialty and we generally use pretreatment to assure that all ugly stains are taken away like magic. If your loveseat is a loveseat sleeper, you will also want to consult with us about our expert mattress cleaning – we can have the loveseat’s mattress clean and fresh in no time and ready for its next use.