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Ottoman Cleaning

There is no denying that an ottoman can add quite a bit of character and ambiance to your home. Coming in nearly any size or shape, ottomans can best be described as backless and armless seating, although they are used primarily as foot rests. Many ottomans can also be used for storage, increasing their versatility. However, when you consider their use, either as a place to put the feet or to sit upon, within a fairly short period of time, the ottoman can start to look grimy and greasy.

When Your Ottoman Needs Cleaning

Just as ottomans come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, they are also covered in a wide range of upholstery options. When your ottoman looks dirty, do you know how to clean it properly? Using the wrong cleaning products can ruin your ottoman – why take chances when professional help is available at Smart Choice Carpet.

In addition to ground in dirt, your ottoman could be suffering from other problems:

  • Stains from spills of food and drink
  • Pet dander and oils from the coat of pets (dogs especially)
  • Pet hairs

All of the above, as well as general use, ruin the appearance of your ottoman, and compounding the problem could be the material with which your ottoman is covered.

How Upholstery Material Affects Ottoman Cleaning

Cleaning your ottoman can be made tricky depending on the material used to cover it. Many upholstery materials require special care.

  • Natural fibers such as wool, linen, cotton, or silk can be damaged by the wrong kinds of cleaner.
  • Synthetics are generally tougher, but stains can be difficult to remove.
  • Leather looks beautiful, but needs TLC when being cleaned.
  • Suede can be ruined if the wrong cleaning methods are employed.
  • Microfiber resists dirt, but getting it clean once it is grimy can be very difficult.