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Sofa Cleaning

Your rugs and carpets are not the only things in your home that bear the brunt of daily living, your sofa also takes plenty of wear and tear. Let’s face it, the fannies of everyone in the family are plopped down on your couch over and over, and if you have pets, most likely they are stretching out on a comfortable spot themselves. All this adds up to a lot of dirt and grime being ground into your sofa every day.

And besides what might be considered ‘normal use’, your sectional sofa will also be exposed to the food and drink that family members consume while relaxing there. The family dog might even bring its chew hoof up for a nice, quiet munch. All of this adds up to dirtying your sofa.

Smart Choice Carpets Cleans All Kinds of Sofas

A professional cleaning can make your sectional sofa or corner sofa as good as new. It’s likely you will hardly recognize your once-grimy couch once we have finished with it. Because sofas are covered in all types of upholstery, you’ll be happy to learn that our expertise can handle anything.

  • Fabric sofas can present challenges in themselves, depending on the fabric used. We can safely clean synthetics, cotton, silk, or wool sofas without problem
  • Leather couches have a beauty all their own, but expert care is required when they need cleaning. Our technicians will not only perform a general cleaning of your leather sofa, but also remove unsightly stains.
  • Microfiber upholstery is durable, but it can become soiled and stained. Because soap and water cannot be used on this fabric, very specific cleaning agents will be required.
  • Suede sofas probably present the most difficult cleaning situation, which is why relying on professional cleaning is a necessity.

Cleaning sofas doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore if you depend on a professional service to handle the project. Knowledge not only of upholstery types, but also of the correct cleaning products will prevent damage to your furniture.