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Smart Choice Carpet Cleaning

There is absolutely no reason for anyone living in the New York City to endure dirty carpets or rugs. Regardless of the cleanliness of the rest of the room, a carpet in need of cleaning ruins the attractiveness of any home or apartment. Smart Choice Manhattan is the service that can provide you with carpet cleaning for every room in your home, or for your place of business.


Not All Carpet Cleaning Services Are the Same

It can sometimes be difficult to decide just which service your carpet cleaning should be entrusted to. You can depend upon Smart Choice to be the right choice for you for a number of reasons:

Green, organic cleaning products mean that your rugs and carpets will be cleaned without causing harm to people, pets, or the carpet itself.

Any business is only as good as the people who work for it. We pride ourselves on our highly skilled technicians who can offer you professional and courteous service.

State-of-the-art machinery and equipment mean that your cleaning needs will be handled quickly and efficiently.

When it’s time for carpet or oriental rug cleaning, choose a service that puts the customer first – regardless of whether the job is cleaning one small area rug or an entire office suite.

We Understand Carpet Cleaning

The aim of a dedicated carpet cleaning company is to provide safe, but highly effective cleaning of your carpets. Smart Choice in Manhattan NY offers a range of cleaning options to clean even badly stained and soiled carpets:

Steam cleaning
Dry Cleaning

Any carpet becomes a repository not only for dirt brought in on shoes, but also for dust mites and their droppings, mildew, airborne pollutants, animal hair, and flea eggs and larvae. If you live in an area where ticks are found, these bloodsuckers can drop off pets or people and deposit eggs that will hatch into tiny ticks. It takes a complete carpet cleaning, one that reaches right down to the carpet backing, to remove all of these troublemakers.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Is an Art

Area rugs often add a more personal touch to a home, and because rug cleaning often involves working with natural fibers such as silk or wool, a thorough knowledge of cleaning techniques is necessary. Smart Choice can provide the Oriental rug special treatment you favorite rug needs, without causing damage even to antique rugs. If you live in Manhattan, NY & the surroundings, Smart Choice can help with your rug cleaning.

Unique Upholstery Care

As your carpets and rugs can require periodic cleaning, so does your furniture. Couches, armchairs, sofas, and ottomans can become just as drab and dirty as the carpet. Smart Choice can provide upholstery cleaning that will not only improve the appearance of your furniture, but also help to extend its life.
Stain removal
Cleaning of body oils from humans and pets
Deep cleaning to remove dust mites
Deodorizing for a fresh, clean smell

Smart Choice for Commercial Cleaning

If a house or apartment can develop rug, carpet, and upholstery problems, the problems of stores, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses are even greater. It’s not unusual for ‘paths’ to form on commercial carpeting, both from dirt and from compression.

Smart Choice in Manhattan can supply the specialized treatment and cleaning for businesses, and will do so during off hours so as not to interfere with trade. A clean carpet is one that will last a good deal longer than one that is dirty, and is much more likely to make a favorable impression on clients and customers.

Smart Choice, serving the Manhattan and the surroundings area, provides experienced carpet cleaning. Available to private homes as well as businesses, we attend to your rug cleaning, commercial cleaning, and upholstery cleaning needs.