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It is common knowledge that moths are an area rug’s sworn enemy. Moths can create havoc if they infest your carpet. They eat their way through the rug’s fibers and in the process of doing so, create patches on the surface of the oriental rug. Moreover, the female moths lay their eggs in the rug fibers which leads to further damage as larvae hatch from the eggs. These larvae chew at the fibers fiercely and completely spoil the rug. That is why moth proofing rugs have become a necessity in every home. Contact Smart Choice Carpet immediately as we excel in providing moth proofing services.

What is the Moth Proofing Process?

Esteemed rug manufacturers always recommend that you should reach out to professional services to get your oriental rugs moth proofed. This is because professional companies such as Smart Choice Carpet have loads of experience and expertise in moth proofing rugs and cleaning carpets.
Moth proofing rugs is very important if you would like to keep moths and other insects at bay. The moth proofing process generally entails applying a moth repellant solution extensively to all sides of the rug.
Smart Choice Carpet has a very rigorous moth proofing procedure which is as follows:

  • The first step in the moth proofing process is to expose the area rug to high temperature or sunlight. Moths prefer cool and dark spots to settle down, so the purpose of heat exposure is to unsettle the creatures and draw them out.

  • Next, the area rug is treated with a moth repellant solution that is anti-bacterial. (Smart Choice Carpet prides itself for using only eco-friendly cleaning agents and repellant solutions to ensure that the environment is not adversely affected). The rug is then dried at more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This kills any remaining larvae and moths in the area rug.

  • The professional team then cleans the rug thoroughly all over again and then dry it once more as well. This makes sure any remaining debris in the rug is removed and that it is totally free from moth infestation.

  • As the final stage of the moth proofing process, the existing damage to the rug is repaired. Needless to say, Smart Choice Carpet pulls out all the stops to make sure that your area rug is as good as new.

How to Prevent Area Rug Moth Infestation in the Future?

In addition to engaging the services of a professional company like Smart Choice Carpet, here are a few invaluable tips you should ensure your area rug stays free from moths:

  • The ideal way of moth proofing your rugs and preventing further damage is to keep them in a clean state. Vacuum the rug regularly (at least twice a week) and have it professionally cleaned once every four years.

  • Rotate the position of the area rug every few weeks to make sure that the entire surface is exposed to direct sunlight. The heat keeps the moths away.


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