Chinese Rug Cleaning

Antique Wool Oriental Rug

At Smart Choice Carpet, we understand how important your Oriental rugs are to you. Our trained professionals are available to take care of all of your Chinese rug cleaning needs. Our company knows how to treat your valuables with care and how to get the best results possible. This type of work requires special training and skills, both of which are essential if you want the best results and wish to avoid damaging your investment.

Rug Damage Repair and Restoration

It is important to understand that with all types of antique rugs, the use of harsh cleaning products can damage the rug. This damage can occur in one of two ways. The chemicals are likely to have a negative effect on the colors. The colors may fade, thus causing the overall appearance to be diminished. The colors may bleed, or they may be bleached out completely.

The other type of damage that harsh chemicals can to do both modern and antique rugs is fiber damage. This is more prevalent when these types of chemicals are used on antique fibers, but it can happen no matter how old the rug is. To avoid these problems, Smart Choice Carpet only uses the safest and most gentle cleaning products during our rug cleaning processes.

Keep in mind that over the counter cleaners that might work safely on modern carpets that are made of certain fibers can do damage to your Chinese rug and should never be used for cleaning these types of rugs. The natural fibers that you find in most antique rugs will be damaged if they are treated with these kinds of harsh chemicals.

If you need rug cleaning , contact us today. We will be happy to discuss our process with you and answer any questions that you may have. We know how important your investment is to you, and we are confident that we can supply the cleaning services that you want and deserve. Don’t take chances with your Chinese treasure.