Office Disinfection

The novel Coronavirus disease has caused a serious global health emergency. From public transport to commercial buildings, people have started sanitizing areas that are highly contaminant. Any person carrying the virus into the office space can infect many people in the building. This is why office disinfection is extremely necessary these days. 

We at Smart Choice can offer you 100% Eco Friendly office disinfection services using EPA-certified disinfectants. In these difficult times, it is our duty to ensure your safety against viruses and bacteria by providing top-notch disinfectant spraying services.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Office Space Disinfection

Office furniture is likely to be contaminated. Employees sit on their chairs and have their hands on their desks all day. Hence, germs viruses and bacteria can spread through your workspace as one employee touches a surface and the next. While you must have the staff dust and wipe surfaces in your office space regularly, this is not enough to remove all the germs. Among the services we provide are:
  • Office disinfectant spraying
  • Tile and grout disinfecting
  • Hardwoord floor disinfecting
  • Deep steam cleaning (carpeting and curtains)
  • Office upholstery steam and disinfectant spraying
  • Disinfecting for sensitive equipment such as keyboards, laptops, monitors, and CPU
  • Full office space sterilizing

While cleaning, it’s possible to leave out grooves and tight spaces. Regardless of how clean they look, these spaces act as breeding grounds for bacteria. We have special cleaning tools and brushes for disinfecting your office furniture. We clean away all the dirt, dust, and germs from hard to reach spaces.

Disinfection of Sensitive Equipment

While you may obviously have a cleaning staff that regularly dusts the office chairs and desk, it’s not enough for thorough disinfection. We have special tools and cleaners to disinfect keyboards, laptops, monitors, and CPU. We ensure to provide safe disinfection services for all the electronics in your office.

Disinfection of Sensitive Equipment

Sterilization means the removal of all life forms. We use steam and chemical sterilizers. Using both these methods of sterilization requires extra precautions. It is not wise to use high-temperature steam or chemical sterilizers by yourself. This is why we provide safe and complete office sterilization. We ensure consistency of all our sterilization practices. From loading the sterilizer to applying to operate the sterilizer, we monitor the entire process so that your surroundings are safe.

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