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Rug repairing services should be trustworthy and professional. You cannot compromise on the quality of your precious wool rug. Therefore, choosing Smart Choice Cleaning is the best decision. No matter how damaged your rug is. Our wool rug repair and restoration services will improve your rug’s quality and beauty. Your valuable rug deserves the special care and high-quality restoration that we offer.

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Wool Rug Repair Process

There are numerous reasons to take your wool rug to the rug care and restoration center. Wool rugs are expensive and need proper care. However, sometimes the rug began to wear and tear due to numerous reasons; it may fade away or lose its luster. Repairing all this damage is not possible on your own. Therefore, hiring a professional rug repairing service with a highly experienced team is important to restore the life of your wool rug. Below, we will discuss the process of repairing and restoring your wool rug:

  1. When you take your wool rug for repair and restoration, the team will inspect the rug by hanging it on a vertical board.
  2. If the repair team notices any tears, they will immediately fix them before the rug unravels. When you visit a highly qualified team for tears, they will make it seem like it never happened.
  3. Once they make small repairs, they will fix small holes by weaving. Moth infestations are the biggest reason for tiny holes in the rug. Moth larvae feed on wool after the moth lays eggs on the wool carpets.
  4. Fringes are an important part of the rug as they hold the foundation together. As these fringes are extensions of the rug, they are the first section of the rug to experience wear. When you hire a professional team for rug restoration, they will fix the fringes and tie them together, preventing the rug from unraveling needlessly.
  5. After fixing all issues, the rug repair team will hand over the rug to the color restoration team. The color restoration team has some amazing artistic skills to match the design with the original rug and eliminate all patches and discoloration due to UV rays and dust.
  6. Once the rug repair and restoration team fix all issues, they will professionally clean and dry the wool rug to remove dust, larvae, and bacteria, thereby eliminating unpleasant odors.

The focus of the rug restoration team is to repair the rug without making any noticeable changes. They aim to provide the same high-quality wool rug as you bought the first time. The team will ensure that the materials used to repair are the exact match of the original rug

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs require low maintenance and are easy to clean. Wool is a biodegradable and renewable material, making it very eco-friendly. Another benefit of having a wool rug is that they are hypoallergenic, so they do not cause any allergic reactions. Because of the natural fibers, this material is flexible and durable, ideal for manufacturing rugs.

1. Fringe Repair

Fringes of the wool rug suffer from damage very easily. These are the end of the threads with knots, so the rug does not unravel. However, with time, they loosen up due to wear, foot traffic, or your pet’s teething behavior. If you fail to repair these tassels in time, the entire structure of the rug will fall apart. This can result in permanent damage. Bleach and deep cleaning also damage fringes because of the chemical reaction. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional company clean and repair your rug.

Re-inserting Fringe Repair

When you bring the wool rug to the rug care center, they will inspect the level of damage. In some conditions, some knots are still tied together, holding up the foundation. This can prevent your rug from falling apart. The team will tie up the fringes and strengthen the foundation. This step will protect the rug from permanent damage. However, if the fringes start to wear, an expert will add new tassels and fix all the threads causing the rug to unravel. Because professional rug repair centers have proper knowledge and professional tools, they will completely re-knot. In some cases, they also replace the thread after finding the identical match of the material.

2. Color Restoration

If you have a wool rug, you are probably aware of how hard it is to maintain the quality and color of a wool rug. Even if you purchase a high-quality wool rug with fantastic longevity, it will eventually fade over time. Exposure to UV light, dust, and water damage are reasons for discoloration. A moth invasion can also damage the color of the wool rug. For early color restoration, look for signs such as color bleeding and fading. Harsh cleaning is the main reason for color bleeding, especially in rugs with natural colors.

When you visit a professional rug restoration team for color restoration, they will carefully identify the area with spots and patches. After locating the spots, they will find the exact dyes and colors, so the result is identical to the original rug. They will try to find the reason for the color damage. Firstly, they will remove the dirt and stains via a suitable cleaning process. Once they are done with an in-depth wash, they will use a spray and syringes to manually color the rug. They will use spray paint for large surfaces and syringes for smaller areas. For a suitable finish, the rug painting artist will use the brush and replicate the restored rug back to its original appearance.

3. Rug Reweaving

You may require rug weaving for numerous reasons. A major reason to reweave your rug is to restore the unraveled rug. With time, the threads and fibers of the wool rug start loosening up. This happens because of high-foot traffic on the location you place your rug, damaged fringes, and others. For instance, when you place half of the rug inside the table or the bed, it can stretch and tear. An unraveled rug in your hallway will look unsettling, especially when you have guests. However, instead of throwing your rug for that reason, you can hire rug care and restoration service to reweave the rug to its original form.

When you reach out to a professional weaver to reweave your rug, they will start the process by inspecting the knot type. Every rug type has different types of weaving knots. Therefore, they should possess an understanding and knowledge about each type of knot and how they can reweave. They will map out the pattern and untie the fringes. Now, they will recreate the rug using weft and wrap. Once they tighten up all the threads, they will tie the threads at the edge, making new fringes. The process takes a lot of time but hiring a professional rug weaver for reweaving will bring new life to your rug.

4. Water Damage Repair

You take every measure to keep your wool rug clean and new. But it might suffer from damage over time. However, the biggest problem that almost every rug owner fear is a water damage. Water damages the rug, but if you did not clean it in time, it could lead to bacteria, mold, and mildew. Your rug can fall victim to moisture exposure due to water flooding in the basement, dripping off the ceiling, and water seepage. You can clear the water from the rug in time and dry it out to cause any complication; delays of more than 48 hours mean that the situation will be beyond your control. Visiting a professional rug repair and restoration service is your last hope.

When you contact a rug restoration service, they will visit your home and inspect the leakage. If your wool rug was in contact with clean water, there is no need to fear. However, in the case of black or gray water, your rug needs immediate care. Firstly, a professional will identify spots where the damage is spreading. They will remove the water from the rug using a high-quality tool. A delay in calling a professional means the mold spreading throughout the rug. Therefore, they will clear up excessive water. After clearing the water, they will look for signs of damage and reweave the area if the damage is prominent. Subsequently, they will steam clean the wool rug for sanitization.

5. Moth Damage Repair

Moths are a major reason wool rugs face excessive damage. Because these insects feed on wool, they lay eggs around the wool rugs. After the eggs hatch, the larvae start feeding on wool for growth. If you notice tiny holes in your rug, you must look for further signs of moths. It is hard to find eggs because they hide between the fibers. However, you can notice the larvae as they are present on the rug. They are tiny insects, and the color might be like the rug. If you notice a moth infestation around your home, the first thing you should do to protect your wool rug is to remove it from your home.

Oriental Rug Moth Proofing

If you find any sign of moth invasions in your house, take it as a signal that the larvae are causing the damage. Consult with an expert rug repair and restoration company. A professional team will start the restoration process by deep cleaning the rug. They will use hot water to remove the eggs and larvae from the fibers. Subsequently, they will steam wash your wool rug for sanitization.

Once they are done with the cleaning process, they will restore the rug by filling in the holes. First, they will identify the exact material and start stitching from the foundation. They will make sure that the stitching is not visible from the top of your wool rug. After stitching all the holes and missing regions of the rug, the weaver will tighten up the fringes.

6. Blocking and Stretching

Blocking and stretching is a technique to restore your wool rug’s original structure. Your rug may warp or wrinkle due to poor cleaning techniques, tearing, and pulling. Therefore, stretching it back to the original form requires expertise and high-quality equipment and tools. When your rug starts unraveling and it piles aside, you should visit a rug care and restoration service to smoothen out the pile.

This technique requires some time to return the rug back to its position. When you visit a professional team to restore the rug, they will brush the pile towards the edges until all the weaves are flat. This task takes several rounds to straighten out the rug. After they smooth the rug, they will press the surface. Subsequently, they will press the rug with specialized equipment. By heating the rug to an appropriate temperature, they will even out the material. Once they complete the process, your rug’s quality and beauty are restored back to their original form.

7. Overcasting & Stitching

Overcasting is a technique to sew back the fringes of the wool rug. This method is essential to solve the wearing-out problem of the tassels. Because of weak fringes, the knots start loosening, unraveling the rug. Therefore, a professional rug repair team will replace the fringes and tighten up the threads to bring the rug back to its original condition. The fringes start to wear due to consistent foot traffic, heavy bleach wash, and the rug begins to unravel. Delays in the process will make the re-wrapping process difficult for the experts.

Rug Fringe Repair
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byDorian T. onSmart Choice Rug Repair & Restoration
I am extremely content with hiring Smart Choice Carpets

I used Smart Choice Carpet for the first time for the repair of my wool rug that I bought years ago and the results were amazing. I took the appointment on a phone call and they were at my home in a couple of hours. The price was equivalent to what they gave me via telephone. By and large, I am extremely content with hiring Smart Choice Carpets and I enthusiastically suggest their administrations.

byRuna S. onSmart Choice Rug Repair & Restoration
The carpets in a real sense looked like new

We have had two Turkish wool rugs in our office and lounge area for a long time. When we chose to redesign our home, we reached Smart Choice Carpet with respect to cleaning & fixing. There were various spots on every rug where the bunches had been pulled out by clamorous pet. The carpets in a real sense looked like new, and we were incredibly happy with the cleaning and fix.

byOlga N. onSmart Choice Rug Repair & Restoration
Truly liked his real fair assessment

The crew at Smart Choice Carpet is so incredibly veritable, supportive, and kind! I needed a wool rug repairing, sent them an image, and he considered me to advise me to set aside my cash and purchase a launderable rug all things being equal. Truly liked his real fair assessment and saving both me/him the time and cost!

byRomy B. onSmart Choice Rug Repair & Restoration
My 4 woolen rugs look extraordinary!

Smart Choice Carpet picked my 4 woolen rugs and also delivered them back. They look so incredible! There were a couple of stains & damaged fringes I thought wouldn't come out however I wasn't right. They got the stains out! They look extraordinary! They're a lot more splendid and smell pleasant!! Much obliged definitely!

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