Wool Rug Cleaning and Restoration

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The best way to bring an aesthetic appeal to any space is by adding a wool rug. Hand-woven and made from natural fibers or shedding sheepskin are some of the properties of wool rugs that attract beauty lovers. Since they have superb resilience against general wear and tear, people often overlook the need to opt for wool rug cleaning and wool rug restoration.

This beautiful decorative piece may last for years only if you consider wool rug restoration when your rug starts to get old. Skilled and experienced professionals at Smart Choice offer you safe and best wool rug cleaning services. Our aim is to restore the expensive and chic look of your treasure, as it was at the time you bought it.

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Wool Rug Cleaning Process

A high-quality wool rug can cost you a great fortune. But like we all know; they are worth the investment. The smooth and delicate surface comes from a 100% wool composition. This characteristic makes your rug more versatile, natural, and durable than any other type of rug.

The best part is that if you purchase a 100% pure piece, you will never notice any shed on the ground. Of course, if you are looking for an economical solution to decorate the interior of your house with an eye-catching rug, then you need to purchase blended types. These ones have a composition of both natural wool and synthetic fibers. No matter which one you choose, both elevate the ambiance and feel of the space.

Besides that, at Smart Choice, we offer you wool rug restoration for almost every type of rug so that you can enjoy the benefits of your expensive investment for a longer time. For this reason, we have designed an excellent cleaning procedure to clean your rug without any damage.

Wondering how we carry out the cleaning procedure? If so, read further to get an idea about our premium equipment, best methods, and thoughtful approaches.

Rug Inspection

The first thing we do is to inspect your rug before practicing any cleaning method. Without knowing the wool type and its knitting method, the cleaning solution or brush can damage or decolor your rug. By getting a close view, experts can ensure the benefits of the chosen treatment on your wool rug.

This step starts with the visual inspection. Our experts look for the obvious signs and marks of the damages and wear and tear. It includes a close check-up for bleeding dyes, discoloration, rips, frying fringes, or patches of the missing pile. Besides that, it is also important to check the back of the rug to find out any light-colored areas. In case we notice any sign, it can be an indication of mildew. Smart Choice’s team will also measure the length and width of the rug to get the right tools to clean the entire rug easily.

You also need to know that checking the problems such as tears, worn spots, or stains are as important as looking for dust and debris. These marks will help to determine the right methods for wool rug restoration. When the rug passes the visual inspection test, another test is taken to understand how colorfast dyes are used in the rug. Next, we decide what cleaning agents can work best without causing any damage to the dyes of the rugs.

This stage also includes a test of the rug’s pH to know whether the fibers are acidic, neutral, or alkaline. Again, this test will help in choosing the solution that our team will use for your rug. Lastly, the inspection team will take note of all the identified stains to ensure that they get cleaned at the end of the cleaning procedure.

Dust and Grit Removal

When it comes to grit and dust removal, you may think that the best approach is to vacuum your rug. Not to mention, even some experts use vacuums to get rid of dirt from almost every type of rug. While the vacuums are amazing equipment to clean up dust, debris, and many other items, a vacuum may not do the trick for your wool rug. This is because it is challenging to remove the deeply grounded dust and dirt from your rug.

For this reason, we use a completely different device or dust removal equipment that works exceptionally well to get out pet dander, dust, and dirt. We can take care of any hard-to-detect element that you can’t clean using our high-quality equipment. Apart from this, we also use the right directions while cleaning the rug to maximize the benefit of cleaning equipment. This way, your rug gets thoroughly cleaned without causing any damages to the fibers.

It is important to note that tiny particles can easily hide and insinuate into the back of the rug as well as into the fibers. Do you know that a rug in a complete tip-top and good condition may hold several pounds of dust? Over time, it not only changes the appearance of the rug but can also damage a rug completely. Unfortunately, this can result in chronic health conditions, especially ones related to the respiratory system. We try to clean up the smallest particle so that it doesn’t get back to your house when we deliver your rug after washing it.


As we have discussed, we spot stains and marks in the inspection process. To exercise a proper wool rug care cleaning process, we also determine the cause of the stain, which helps us to know what step we need to choose next. Some of the common stains you can find on the rug are:

  • Food
  • Cosmetic powder
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Vegetable juices
  • Alkaline spills and perfumes
  • Paint, oil, or grease
  • Harsh chemical spills
  • Pet feces, urine, or vomit

The biggest mistake people make while cleaning their rugs themselves at home is they use the same cleaning method to remove every type of stain because of the little knowledge. As a result, sadly, they allow the stain to set in the rug instead of removing it. In other words, it becomes even more challenging to get rid of the stain.

This is why we opt for specific methods to remove particular stains. Coffee stains need to be treated a bit differently than the red wine ones. On the other hand, pet feces and urines stains are the most stubborn stains. Hence, at this wool rug restoration stage, we clean every stain and mark through different methods.

Full Immersion Cleaning

The primary reason wool rugs are expensive and luxurious items is because of their delicate manufacturing process. The manufacturers use natural fibers and knot them together in different ways to create a beautiful piece of rug. Additionally, the rug you get through this process is also fragile and delicate.

It is important to deal with a wool rug with soft hands and less harsh methods. To provide the safest and best wool rug care, Smart Choice’s team submerges the rug into a shallow tub filled with clean and cool water. Immersing the entire rug into the water will help the water reach the deepest corners of the rug. The remaining dust or dirt present in the rug will get out at this stage.

After that, our professionals use a cleaning solution that has a balanced composition of different elements to limit any risk of further damages. Depending on your carpet, the solution may or may not be strong. The chosen cleaning solution will also be ideal for dyes and fibers in your rug.

Further, our experts use a hand brush to brush your rug. It is important to note that putting too much pressure while scrubbing can unravel the wool threads or even start opening the natural wool knots. Therefore, we gently brush the rug’s surface. This way, the solution gets deep into the rug while the brushing removes the elements on the rug’s surface.

Water Extraction

This is the most underrated method, as many companies, as well as homeowners, do not extract water after washing their rugs using any cleaning agent or cleaning solution. Maybe they think that they have just cleaned the rug in water. Well, it is important to note that the particles of the cleaning agents stay on your rug.

When the rugs get cleaned, experts rinse the entire rug. The detergent left on the fibers can attrite more soil or simply hurt your rug because of being too alkalized or too acidic. In other words, your carelessness can reduce the life expectancy of your rug. Plus, the cleaning agents can also pale or dull the color, making it look old.

In order to provide the best results and increase the lifespan of your wool rug, we remove the rug from the bath to wash it with water. Smart Choice’s experts use a hose to flush out the cleaning solution and loosen the dirt away. Another tip we use is to rinse the rug until the water is clear. This is an indication that we have successfully done wool rug cleaning.

Rug Drying

Once the cleaning and washing process is complete, it is time for rug drying. In order to restore your rug to its condition, this is an important step. You can keep the rug outside for few days to let it dry under the sun. However, it is not a great idea, and it will take time, allowing the growth of mildew or mold. This is why you need to opt for a professional wool rug restoration company to dry out your artistic wool rug as quickly as possible.

Smart Choice uses two different approaches to reduce moisture. We choose the method depending on your rug’s age and its overall condition.

  • We hang your wool rug on the special racks until it gets dry. Your rug gets enough room to maintain excellent airflow. In fact, we also use fans to boost up the drying process.
  • We place rugs on a drying rack, which again allows air to reach every corner of the rug.

The best part is that we dry your rugs in a much lower time without even using heated air. This type of air can cause your wool rug to warp or shrink. Dehumidifiers are another approach that we incorporate in both drying methods to dry your rugs safely within few hours.

Inspection and Delivery

This is the last step of the wool rug cleaning process, which involves checking the rug one last time. When the rug gets dry, Smart Choice will inspect it to ensure there are no stains and dirt left on your carpet. At this point, our team:

  • Check the condition of the bindings, fringe, and back to make sure that they are intact
  • Inspect any possible discoloration in any part of the rug
  • Use a special meter that checks whether your rug is 100% dry

In other words, we inspect your rug from top to bottom to provide you a new and shiny carpet.

When we become satisfied with the results, we use different packing for your rug. Generally, we roll it up smoothly and place your rug in a plastic bag. Our team also keeps all the relevant documentation in the bag so that they safely reach your place. Then, experts seal the bag and deliver it to your location securely.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we closely check each part of your rug. Our team at Smart Choice uses different equipment and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, debris, and other elements from your rug. Before delivering it to your doorsteps, we rinse out cleaning agents from the rug and dry it out completely.

As a result, when you finally get your rug, all you need to do is to place it in the room you want. The best part is that the packaging is easy to open so that you don’t need to waste time unpacking it. Hence, if you want an easy and accessible wool rug cleaning solution, you may need our help.