Fabric Blinds Cleaning

Fabric Window Blinds

One of the most effective and attractive of window treatments are fabric blinds; they provide privacy, but also allow for the diffusion of light. Unfortunately, they can become just as soiled as drapery or furniture, and at some point will require blind cleaning.

Unlike metal or wooden blinds, however, cleaning fabric blinds can present more of a problem. When you notice that your fabric blinds look dingy from indoor pollution, it’s time to call the blind cleaning professionals: Smart Choice Carpet.

We Handle All Types of Fabric Blinds

Our service can help to clean and smarten up your fabric blinds, regardless of the kind you have.

  • Fabric vertical blinds
  • Fabric roller blinds
  • Honeycomb fabric blinds
  • Fabric accordion blinds

Keep in mind that you cannot simply throw fabric blinds in the washing machine, this will ruin them. Professional cleaning, backed up with regular vacuuming and damp sponging, are the only things that will keep your blinds looking good and spare you replacement costs.

Ultrasonic Cleaning or Injection-extraction

There are two approaches to cleaning fabric blinds, and a determination will be made as to which to choose based on fabric, glue type, and cleaning agents.

Ultrasonic cleaning calls for the removal of your fabric blinds for treatment at our facility. In order to provide the best cleaning using this method, your blinds will first be pre-treated, then suspended in our ultrasonic cleaning tank so that the sound waves can loosen and then remove dirt.

The injection-extraction procedure uses hot water that is forced into the soiled fabric blinds then suctioned out. This method can provide a more complete blind cleaning, but may not be suitable for certain fabrics or the glue used in honeycomb or accordion blinds. This would work great with vertical blinds, however, or roller blinds.

Our skilled technicians will be able to provide you with a determination of which cleaning method will work best for your blind cleaning.

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