Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your wall-to-wall carpeting looking its best can present something of a challenge, especially if the rug is light in color. Children, pets, and ordinary foot traffic over a period of time can leave your carpet dingy and stained. Cleaning a large carpet can be difficult as furniture must be moved, cleaning solution applied then removed, followed by a period of drying before the couch, chairs, and tables are replaced. Those who live in Manhattan, NY can depend upon Smart Choice to handle this project quickly and easily.

Smart Choice Uses Green Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning can leave your home much more enjoyable and attractive – unless the wrong cleaning agents are used. Not only can the air inside your home become polluted from airborne chemicals, but the rugs can also become a source of contamination when children or pets play on them. Smart Choice Carpet is a company that relies strictly on green cleaning to provide you with the highest level of safe service:

  • Green, organic cleaning agents will not leave potentially hazardous substances in your home.
  • Harsh chemicals have been known to burn or bleach out carpets; this is never a problem with our cleaners.
  • Besides being safe, green methods are also thorough and will provide complete carpet cleaning, right down to the backing.
  • The only thing to remind you that Smart Choice has provided carpet cleaning services will be your sparkling carpet and a fresh, clean scent.

Besides the superior cleaning products our company uses, we also have highly dedicated and trained personnel who understand the best way to clean your carpeting.

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Smart Choice is able to provide carpet care for those living in Manhattan & the greater New York area. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our company and the carpet care we provide, and can schedule a free consultation and estimate at your convenience.

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