Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Disinfecting spraying can be extremely valuable when it comes to minimising Coronavirus risk. The trouble is that most home cleaning equipment is utterly inadequate when it comes to dealing with deep bacteria, viruses, dirt and grime. That’s where our professional disinfection services can step in to help you guarantee a clean and safe environment.

Our technicians are trained professionals when it comes to exterminate viruses and bacteria in high-risk areas such as door handles, bathrooms and others, as well as disinfecting and sterilizing the entire workspace.

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Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe with Sanitizing Services

When you own or manage a commercial space, it’s especially important to make sure that your occupants and people using said space are as safe as possible. Avoiding the spread of Coronavirus is everybody’s responsibility. We provide all the services required to make sure that your commercial property is meeting all expectations when it comes to safety and health.

  • disinfection for 150+ viruses
  • Tile and grout disinfecting
  • Commercial spraying
  • Deep steam cleaning (carpets, rugs and curtains)
  • Upholstery steam cleaning
  • Floor disinfecting
  • Full Complex sterilizing
Disinfecting and Sanitizing

By making sure your commercial properties are deeply cleaned often, you can massively help to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in your local area and community. Commercial office sanitation lets your residents and people using your property know that you’re taking the situation seriously.

Professional-Grade Sanitzing Services for Homes

We know you can’t control what you run into and touch when you’re out and about, but at home, you can make sure that everything is as clean and safe as possible. Home sanitizing and disinfection can help put your mind at ease. 

By utilizing powerful commercial cleaning expertise that’s both environmentally sound and non-toxic, we can make sure that your home is a haven from Coronavirus, providing a good environment for your family and for potential future self-isolation.

If you have all the right precautions in place and you know that your home is as safe and clean as possible, there’s no sense worrying any further about viruses and bacteria of any kind. Give us a call at Smart Choice and see how we can make this difficult time easier for you and your family.

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Disinfecting & Sanitizing
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 15 reviews
byDonald F. onDisinfecting & Sanitizing
Office sterilized in a short time

My workplace is somewhere that can’t go off at any time of the day, so I need to get it disinfected on a daily basis. A colleague told me about the awesome experience with smart choice. We called them and they marked the stamp on what he said. They were absolutely professional, hardworking, polite, and respectful towards others. They got my office sterilized in a short time. Now, I call them for the same purpose weekly. Highly Recommended!

byRobert D. onDisinfecting & Sanitizing
Steam cleaning and disinfection

Smart Choice & the team are fantastic! I had a cleaner coming weekly but still needed to get it cleaned thoroughly along with sterilizing. I found Smart Choice who was very responsive & came out to do an assessment. He set an appointment, did all the cleaning of my home including steam cleaning of the carpets and disinfection. I just can't describe the service he has provided. Believe me, you can trust him blindly.

byJames C. onDisinfecting & Sanitizing
Thankful to the hardworking professionals from Smart choice

I am working in a commercial area for a very long time now and due to the recent pandemic situation, everyone was scared. I suggested my boss get the mall disinfected. He already knew about the reputation of Smart choice. He called the owner, set an appointment, and guess what?? They did wonders. We got our place the same as before within no time. We’re much thankful to the hardworking professionals from Smart choice.

byRyan H. onDisinfecting & Sanitizing
5-stars from my side!

Having utilized different services previously, I accept that the 2-man team gave by smart choice for the disinfection purpose performed better than some other service I had availed previously. 5-stars from my side!

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