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Whether you want to show your love for antique rugs or décor your space with the finest item, Persian rugs are the perfect option. Their stunning and unique look can impress your guests. These traditional and antique pieces help you create an aesthetic ambiance in any room. People incorporate them in almost every decor and furnished space. It includes contemporary or traditional-style houses. Experienced and trained professionals like Smart Choice can help you with Persian rug cleaning and Persian rug restoration.

It is also important to discuss that they are delicate and fragile and need soft hands, accurate methods, and mild cleaning processes. Besides that, repairing and restoring them also need great care.

We are fully equipped and aware of how to clean these pretty rugs. Our team has immense knowledge about the fiber and knotting of rugs that help them choose different methods of cleaning for each type of rug. Read the article further to get an idea, how we clean your treasure safely and securely.

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Persian Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Persian rugs originated from Iran. Back then, nomadic tribesmen used it to cover the floors, providing them protection from dampness and cold. Now, this is a symbol of art, luxury, and wealth in this modern world.

The Persian rugs are not just art pieces, but they are family heirlooms or valuable investments. Besides Iran, some other countries have also started manufacturing these carpets, such as Turkey, China, India, and Pakistan.

Persian rugs are also popular because they are available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. So, if you want to introduce textures, colors, and textiles to your space, Persian rugs are perfect for you. But again, don’t forget to get it cleaned by experts like Smart Choice to ensure that your expensive and luxurious piece of art looks as new as ever. So, when you trust us with your Persian rug care, we adopt the best practices to clean your luxurious rug.

Rug Inspection

Rug inspection is the most important step, yet many people, even cleaning companies, overlook it. Before Persian rug cleaning, you need to know its pre-existing conditions. Since these beautiful rugs are delicate and fragile, you need to choose the right cleaning solutions and methods to clean them. If not, you may end up with a piece that is ugly, discolored, worn out, and damaged.

Therefore, Smart Choice inspects your rug from upside down to front and back. We note all signs and indications of damages, stains, odor, and spots. Plus, our experts also try to identify the source of these problems. This is because it helps us to pick the best and quality techniques that work best for that particular problem.

The professionals will look for the following damages and problems.

  • Physical Damages- cuts, rips, holes, and tears
  • Dye Damage- water damage and stains of cleaning agents
  • Spills- coffee and red wine
  • Pet stains- urine, vomit, and feces

We also look for cosmetic products, mold, and mildew damages. The primary reason to understand these damages is that not all the stains and spots require the same cleaning method. For instance, water damages are easy to clean compared to pet urine or vomit. Similarly, coffee spills take much less effort to remove from the Persian rug than the red wine.

Besides that, our experts also search for things like:

  • Fringe damages
  • Dye variations
  • Fiber staining
  • Knotting type

Once we carefully understand what type of Persian rug restoration plan is perfect for your pretty piece, our team also decides the right cleaning agent for it. Again, not every clean agent will work for your rug. Some rugs need harsh cleaning solutions if they have hard-to-remove stains or marks. Others get the perfect, shiny look when you use a mild cleaning solution for them.

Dust and Grit Removal

After inspection, the experts start the cleaning process by removing:

  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Skin flakes
  • Pet hair
  • Dust
  • Grit
  • Pet dander
  • Human nails

Unlike others, we don’t use a vacuum. Yes, a vacuum cleaner is the first thing you use at home when removing dust and other elements from your carpet. But vacuums cannot take out the elements hiding in the backing and fibers of your Persian rug. On the other hand, some rugs are too delicate and soft that if you use high-pressure vacuums on them, it can unknot the threads.

Therefore, to give you premium quality and satisfying results, we use dust removal equipment that works amazingly well on almost every type of rug. The equipment cleans all the fine particles in the deepest layers of the rugs. You also need to know that it eliminates all the physical objects from the rug, such as pet hairs. Smart Choice’s team will use this machine first on the upper side of your rug, then its backside. In addition to that, if your carpet needs additional Persian rug care, our team will do this process few more times until it looks completely debris-free.


This step involves the process we use to remove all detected stains and marks during the inspection. Stains can be tough and sometimes impossible to remove. But you can rest assured that Smart Choice is well equipped to deal with the problem. It is important to note that taking care of pet urine spots, red wine stains, and others needs more patience, expertise, and experience. This is why we have trained our team to use the right cleaning agents and techniques for each stain.

In this case, our professionals use solutions that contain enzymes to safely eliminate them while protecting the construction, appearance, and integrity of your Persian rug. Depending on the condition of your rug, our team may apply the solution to only the affected areas. Enzymes need time to set and cut down the stains. For this reason, professionals either rub the solution or let your rug absorb it so that it can reach all the affected layers. This Persian rug care process also promises the decontamination of feces, urine, and vomits.

The best part is, our cleaning solution also removes all the unwanted and discomforting odor in your Persian rug. Not only is this important for your comfort, but it is also vital to prevent future problems. This is because if any residue stays on your carpet, pets, especially cats, will smell the urine and are more likely to return to the same spot to urinate.

Full Immersion Cleaning

This is the most important step when cleaning a wool rug, Persian, or any other type of carpet. At this stage, our team uses a full immersing cleaning technique to clean and wash your entire rug altogether. This is relatively a unique approach among cleaning companies because of the effort and time it needs. In other words, it is a hand wash process that even takes hours to clean a single rug. But it is an effective method, as it helps to retain the look and color of the rug.

In this process, Smart Choice’s team use things like:

  • Cleaning agent
  • Shallow tub
  • Cool water
  • Hand brush

We initiate the process by submerging your rug into a shallow tub that is big enough to accommodate your rug, whether it’s an area rug or a scatter rug. Our experts fill the tub with a cleaning solution. Here, it is important to remember that we use different cleaning solutions depending on your rug. In any case, we pick a cleaning agent that assures no damages to the delicate fibers and colors of your rug.

Experts will scrub your rug with a hand brush to remove all the remaining dirt, dust, stains, and other things from your artistic floor covering piece. The hands-on approach to Persian rug restoration provides our experts an opportunity to clean every area of your appealing heirloom. The idea of this Persian rug cleaning technique also allows the experts to give extra attention to all the corners, layers, and backside of your rug.

It is also important to note that we always use cool water for cleaning. Just like the harsh detergents, hot water can be a total disaster for your rug. It can ruin the chic and unique dyes of your rug. Unfortunately, if your rug has synthetic fibers, then hot water can even damage the fibers.

Water Extraction

Though we mostly apply or use mild cleaning products on the rugs, they still can be harmful if left on your rug’s surface. You may already know that many cleaning agents build white stains on the surface if they go unclean. That is why, once your rug becomes stain and dust-free and our team gets satisfied with the results, your carpet goes through the water extraction process.

The experts on the spot will remove the rug from the tub and lay it on the ground. Then, we bring a hose to flush cleaning agents and loosen dirt. They rinse your rug upside down and from the front and back to clean all the particles present on it. We also use high-pressure water to clean the deepest layers of your rug. The best part is that our team continues rinsing your rug until the water runs clear.

Once the water is crystal clear, Smart Choice’s team moves to the next step. Persian rug restoration also involves the water removing process. Our team will use the extractor to eliminate as much water as they can. Professionals run the extractor until water stops coming out of the rug. This technique has two purposes:

  • First, it accelerates the drying process.
  • Secondly, it aids in fluffing up the gorgeous colorful fibers of your rug.

Rug Drying

Unfortunately, many companies don’t provide this service in their Persian rug care process. Most people think that their rug will get dry on its own after placing it back on the floor. Well, that’s true, but little do you know that you are letting your rug get dirty again.

Even the slightest moisture left in your carpet can promote the growth of mold. The dust and dirt can stick to the wet areas and pile up there, which leads to mold or mildew. They are dangerous for you and your family’s health. Even if it doesn’t cause health conditions, it can hurt the shiny and new look of your rug.

Depending on its structural composition and age, we use two methods for drying. Generally, we hang your rug on the special racks to dry them out. It allows the air to reach the lowest layers and each part of the rug. To speed up the drying process, our experts often place fans near the rug. Sometimes, our experts hang your rug on the drying rack, which also facilitates airflow. Dehumidifiers are another approach that experts opt for depending on your rug’s composition.

Note that our professionals don’t use heating systems to dry your antique rugs. Hot air can also shrink or warp your rug. In some cases, it also hurts the color of the carpet pieces. This is because the wool or cotton fibers used in the manufacturing of Persian rugs are fragile. They can easily get damaged with the smallest mistake.

Inspection and Delivery

Finally, when your rug gets squeaky clean and dry, this is time for one last inspection. Our experts check the entire rug to notice any signs of stains, dirt, and other things. We also examine the condition of the binding, fringes, and the rug’s back to make sure that they are completely intact. Smart Choice also uses a special kind of meter to check if your carpet is dry.

Once we get satisfied with the results, it’s time to pack your cleaned rug. We roll the rug and place it in a plastic bag so that it stays secure while transporting. You will also get relevant documents with it, which you can check in the plastic bag. After packing, our experts seal the bag and deliver the rug to your doorsteps.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Persian rug cleaning process involves several steps, from inspecting each stain to removing every single mark, eliminating the dust, and packing your rug. If you want to maintain the attractive and chic look of your rug, make sure to contact Smart Choice for amazing Persian rug restoration and Persian rug cleaning services.

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I'm exceptionally happy with the services by Smart Choice Carpet. The whole staff worked effectively and were proficient. I can clearly see the difference before and after cleaning the rug. I would recommend them unquestionably!

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