Persian Rug Cleaning

Antique Wool Oriental Rug

Persian rugs are justifiably revered as being among the world’s most beautiful. Regardless of whether your rug is an antique or was just created recently, it still represents the highest form of the rug-making art. The colors and patterns that are woven into a fine Persian rug make it unique and special, and it will enhance the appearance of any room.

Because these rugs are made of natural fibers such as silk or wool, Persian rug cleaning can be considered a specialized art. Care must always be taken to not only clean the rug completely, but to do so without causing harm to the rug in any way. Smart Choice Carpet in Manhattan is a superior Persian carpet cleaning service that will clean your rug in our modern facility.

Persian Rug Cleaning Process

If you own an antique Persian rug, you will be particularly concerned about how it will be cleaned. The fibers of older rugs can be more delicate than those of newer ones, and will require the extra step of care that Smart Choice artisans can provide. Harsh chemical cleaners, deodorizers, or fragrances will never be used on your silk Persian rug; we use only safe, green cleaning agents to clean completely, but gently.

Our cleaning process involves wetting down the rug, applying an organic cleaner, and then using specialized equipment to work the cleaning solution right down to the rug’s backing. Our machinery is designed to clean gently and carefully without causing any harm to the pile. Once the front of the rug or carpet has been treated, we will flip it over so that the backing will also be thoroughly cleansed. This will assure that no grime will be left to grind away at the delicate silk fibers. After the rug has been rinsed, it will be placed in our spin dryer, which will remove most of the water.

Your Persian rug will be almost completely dry by the time it is taken from the dryer, and we will then hang it up to brush the pile and straighten the fringe. After the drying process is complete, we will return your rug to your home; clean, bright, and beautiful.