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Manhattan is a fantastic place to live in, with a dense population. People here are always on the lookout for opportunities and earn a healthy livelihood. It is a great place to live with your family. In fact, many families dream of moving to Manhattan for a chance to build their future. But despite Manhattan’s many comforts and amenities, residents in the city are unable to find proper care for their Oriental rugs. They have to spend a lot of money buying cleaning agents and products or purchase a new rug when it suffers from damage. Restoring and repairing your area rug all alone is not an easy task. You need to ensure that you are using the right tools and equipment. If you’re enthusiastic about interior decor, you may have some clue as to how expensive they can be. Failing to take care of these costly decorative rugs causes them to fade or, worse, tear. This reduces the ambiance and personality of your area rug.

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Our Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration Services

Technicians in our cleaning and restoration services closely work with clients. They inform and explain all the best possible options. No matter what type of rug you have, they will give you the best care you could want for your area rug. We believe in honesty and dedication, offering the best quality work under a suitable budget within a reasonable time.

If you previously used a rug repair service in Manhattan, you must be aware of some of their odd practices, specifically, how they hide all the details about their restoration process. The process that a cleaning company uses matters a lot when it comes to giving it proper care. Unfortunately, many rug repairing companies do not focus on providing the best quality service. They offer cheap options for rug cleaning and repairing but could not maintain the quality due to shortcuts and unsuitable tools.

On the other hand, we keep our clients in the loop throughout the process. By ensuring that they know about our process, they know their precious oriental rug is in safe hands. If you are ready to take care of your rug through Smart choice rug care Services in Manhattan, contact our professional team. However, you can also find essential details about restoring and cleaning a rug in this article. So read more to find out about the services we provide and what type of rugs we restore and clean.

Here are some types of rugs that we have the expertise to clean and restore:

Many people have misconceptions that cleaning and restoring a rug via a service provider will cost them a fortune. Therefore, they ignore the condition of their favorite rug or buy a new one, which can be quite expensive. In this case, hiring cleaning and restoration services in Manhattan will save you a lot of money and extends your rug’s longevity. Sure, they can contact rug repairing and restoration services, but many service providers are not reliable.

Smart choice rug care offers various services to clean and restore your precious area rugs. You can restore your oriental rug back to its original condition with high-quality rug cleaning and restoration service in Manhattan. By contacting Smart choice rug care, you receive the best service for every loose weave, fiber, and stitch. Our experienced technicians and specialists understand the value of your precious rug. Not to mention, they have the skills and tools to bring your rug back to life.

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Oriental Rug Repair Services

When you bring your area rug to repair and restore, we start with pre-inspection. We will write down all the repairs that we will undergo to bring back the value and quality of your oriental rug. They will share with you the problems with solutions so you can understand the process of restoration and why you need it. Our trained and professional technicians assess each rug and quote a specific price. This price can fluctuate according to the material they are cleaning and the time they will take to restore the rug.

We start by cleaning the rug and getting rid of dust and other particles. After cleaning the rug, we will wait for you to confirm so we can start the repairing process. Our professionals will repair the rug and restore its original value. They will work on the usability and beauty of the area rug. We will only suggest the repairs and restoration after completely analyzing the material and delicacy. Here are some types of area rugs that we repair:

Types of Repairs to Oriental rug

1. Fringe Repair

The fringes are the extensions on the rugs attached to the foundation. These are the first area of an oriental rug with wear and tear signs. These extensions are the wrap, and it holds each knot of the material while creating the area rug. When the manufacturer completes the weaving process, they create fringes to add the finishing touches. They cut the sides of the rug and knot them in a way that creates the tassel or fringe.

The fringes come loose from holding the knot together after fraying. When this happens, the knot also starts to loosen, and it pulls away from the rug from each side. Preserving the beauty and life of the Oriental rug requires a lot of effort. You need to repair the fringes and fraying ends before it is too late. Delays can lead to more damage and increase your chances of re-weaving and re-building the rug. However, contacting the rug repairing services in time will need less restoration.

Our clients in Manhattan usually contact our rug repair services for fringe replacement due to damage. Moths, pets, or a vacuum cleaner are the common reasons for fringe repair. At Smart choice rug care, we re-weave new fringe after considering the quality of the rug and your budget. Keeping the quality in mind, we recover the original construction and wrap it to new fringes.

2. Color Restoration

Over time oriental rugs naturally fade the colorful patterns and vibrant. Many people buy rugs because of their favorite color. However, when this happens, you might feel disheartened and regret your buying decision. Blue, red, and green mostly fade after one to three years. This happens because of the quality of dyes. Another reason for early color loss is exposure to direct sunlight every day. And if you keep the Oriental rug under less or no light, the fading process will slow down. In any way, you have to restore the color of your rug and restore that original tone and color. Through Smart Choice Service’s color restoration, you can bring back the same color and shade again. We guarantee you a stable and colorfast dye for your area rug.

3. Rug Reweaving

You can also repair rugs that have suffered from pet chewing, fire damage, and ripping in Manhattan by contacting our professional team. The experts at Smart choice rug care utilize the best techniques for rug restoration. Rug re-weaving requires a good understanding of different types of rugs, patterns, and designs to properly restore them. The techniques we use for re-weaving the oriental rugs reflect our skills and capabilities to handle any type of rugs.

We can also bring the original form of the rug even if a part of it is missing. Our repair artists in Manhattan have enough experience that their final result always surprises the owner of the Oriental rug. They can never notice the damage their rugs have gone under. They will make you forget the part that was missing by re-weaving it to the original version. Even the prices that we offer are reasonable enough that clients do not hesitate when bringing their damaged rugs.

Here are some sub-services of rug weaving that we offer to our clients:

  • Patching
  • Rips
  • Frayed corners
  • Stretching
  • Hole in the rug
  • Tears
  • Fire damage
  • Patching and much more

Every service that our expert technicians provide includes proper technique and keeps the rug safe from further damage. They will inform you about every step that they undergo while re-weaving and repairing your precious rug.

4. Water Damage Repair

Water damage can lead to mold and mildew growth under your carpet, damaging the fibers. Oriental rugs absorb water instantly. After a few days, the foundation of the rug starts to crack as it hardens. Treatment at the right time can save your rug and restore its previous condition. If you want to restore your area rug from water damage in Manhattan, our team is available to help you. At Smart Choice, we have a team of experts who care about the value of your rug. But more importantly, have the skills to restore it to its original condition.

5. Moth Damage Repair

The foundation of most rugs is made from cotton, and the manufacturer covers it with wool. Moths feed on the wool and start to damage it. When the moth starts to eat the wool over the foundation, the foundation is intact. Professionals are working on this type of damage for years, and they know how to bring back the life from such damaged rugs. The rug cleaning team from Smart Choice can restore complex damage and restore the Oriental rug back to life.

The expert will choose the sourcing fabric and ensure that it is similar to the original. The team will check the length and quality of the rug and choose the technique depending on the type of rug. Repairing the rug from moth damage is not an easy task. Thus, we provide our clients proper service with reasonable cost and time. Our technician will re-weave the damaged region using the suitable technique by keeping the same design as the original.

6. Blocking and Stretching

Blocking and stretching by a professional team will help reshape your rug. This process eliminates the wrap or wrinkle because of poor cleaning techniques, rough use, tearing, and pulling. If you are considering professional rug stretching at home, you need industrial equipment and expertise to perform this function. On the other hand, you can contact Smart Choice restoration services, and they will use the latest techniques to restore the rug. You can place heavy objects on the wrinkles, but this won’t work. With our technicians and artists, you can flatten and straighten the area rug and bring back the same feel and touch.

Rug cleaning services by Smart Choice will restore back the appearance of a rug from wrinkles in the middle. They can also remove the curls in the corners. Our team will make the rug attractive by flattening it to perfection. Wrinkles on the rug can cause tripping and have other concerns as well. Your rug should lie flat on the floor without any bump or wrinkles, and our team can make this possible.

7. Overcasting & Stitching

Rug overcasting or end repair prevents the rug from unraveling, and the experts work on the edges and ends of the rug. The process involves sewing a material at the end to stop the fringe from wearing down. Because of a damaged fringe, the threads in the rug start to come out. Therefore, it is important to repair and stitch it back.

Wearing off fringes is a sign that you need to repair the rug immediately. With knotted fringes, our professionals will unite the knots and overcast. This will help them maintain the strength of the rug even when subjected to friction; it does not affect the knots. Friction is the main reason for fringes to loosen.

Organic & Steam Rug Cleaning Services

You can use carpet cleaners on your oriental rugs, but you shouldn’t. These cleaners will weaken your rug and cause damage. The chemical-based products are toxic for carpets as well as affecting your health and the environment. Therefore, you need to seek help from professional cleaning services in Manhattan, such as Smart Choice. They utilize products and tools that will help your rug and help restore it. They will also remove all the toxic substances from the fibers and keep the environment safe. Here are some benefits of utilizing Oriental and steam rug cleaning services from Smart Choice.

Safe Techniques

We follow safe carpet-cleaning techniques that have proven results. Many area rug cleaning services use different chemicals on the Oriental rug making it toxic. These chemicals can cause numerous diseases, such as kidney and liver damage. Therefore, you need to confirm with the restoration team what procedure they are using. Smart Choice rug cleaning offers you organic and steam rug cleaning services without any health risks to you and your family.

Better Environment

Toxic chemicals cause the color of your rug to fade, reducing the quality. With the number of chemicals different restoration companies use, rug fibers are subject to wear and tear. Here, you require a team of professionals who understand the value of your Oriental rug. Our team will use materials and techniques that are safe and retain the quality of your oriental rug.

Carpet’s Life

When you consult a professional team in Manhattan, they will help extend your rug’s lifespan. They will use techniques to preserve the texture and color of the carpet fibers. Our team of professionals does not use any harsh chemicals for the cleaning process. They will use techniques like organic and steam cleaning that refresh the material deep inside the fibers.

Call to Action

Re-creating and restoring your rug increases its value, ensuring that the quality remains the same for a longer time. Once you pick Smart Choice restoration services for your oriental rug, you receive guaranteed satisfaction. Our team of professionals will assist you by first analyzing the rug. With expert techniques, they will restore your rug to the same quality, making it as good as new. Repairing your rug is worth spending your money and time if you contact a professional rug restoration team in Manhattan. They will use proven techniques to enhance the value with a suitable total cost. So protect your area rug now by visiting or contacting our team of experts to seek their advice on restoring your rug.
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byLinda R. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
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I am so content with the 2 rugs we shipped off Smart Choice Carpets for cleaning and fix. The rugs were both around 20 years of age and had serious room for improvement. One had a wine stain. They returned looking new. The staff in Manhattan was extremely proficient and respectful. Truly content with the outcomes and the assistance!

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Really an all-around done, proficient work!

As of late, we took our Persian Heriz rug to Smart Choice Carpets for moth repairing & cleaning. The rug was very messy and the staff worked really hard cleaning our wonderful Heriz. We checked costs in a couple of options available around Manhattan., yet they, by all accounts, are the most sensible. Really an all-around done, proficient work!

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Highly satisfied with the work done!

The group from Smart Choice Carpets accomplished EXCELLENT fix work on three costly however old rugs. They likewise did extraordinary cleaning. Highly satisfied with the work done!

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The owner of Smart Choice Carpets is so incredibly authentic, accommodating and kind!

The owner of Smart Choice Carpets is so incredibly authentic, accommodating and kind! I brought in with regards to a rug cleaning, sent him an image, and he advised me to set aside my cash and purchase a launderable carpet all things being equal. Truly liked his real legitimate assessment and saving both me/him the time and cost!

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