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Bayside neighborhood in Queens, NYC, is home to a small population. Close-cornered communities and friendly residential spaces mark the harmonious living environments of Bayside, Queens. You’ll find plenty of recreational activities to enjoy in Bayside, including various parks and hiking trails. Some famous parks that resident families visit include Little Bay Park and Crocheron Park.

For recreation, people also opt for Oriental rugs, carpets, and similar decorative items in both residential and commercial spaces. With the help of pro carpet cleaning, repairing, and restoration services, residents enjoy aesthetic living and working environments. Here’s how Smart Choice Carpet has helped residents in Bayside keep their rugs and carpets neat and clean!

What Carpet Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

Smart Choice Carpet has been offering carpet cleaning, repairing, and restoration services for over a decade. We know that no homeowner can stand grimy and untidy carpets in their homes. Plus, having a dirty carpet makes the whole room look untidy, if not the whole house. It can also become a health hazard by giving rise to different infestations. Although normal vacuuming removes most of the debris and dirt, it’s still not enough.

You require pros for thorough cleaning to make your Oriental rugs and carpets look brand new. Our carpet cleaning services don’t involve harsh chemicals. We prefer gently cleaning techniques and deep cleaning methods. We provide top-rated residential and commercial services through organic cleaning, steam cleaning, and deodorizing.

We Can Clean Your Oriental Rugs

We clean your Oriental rugs like no one else in Bayside, Queens. Our extensive experience dealing with Oriental rugs and different carpet varieties enables us to utilize the best cleaning techniques. We use high-quality cleaning agents and trained professionals to get the grime and dirt out of your untidy Oriental rugs. They can sustain damage through high foot traffic, pollution, stains, and UV exposure.

At Smart Choice Carpet, experienced professionals can deal with all issues and bring back the lost shine of your Oriental rug. We know that such rugs are delicate and have rare fabrics and weaves. Therefore, we will take great care of your property during the cleaning process. After thorough cleaning and restoration, we can ensure safe delivery at your doorstep.

Get Professional Carpet Repair, Restoration, and More!

Do you want to lighten your living room with a highly decorative Oriental rug hanging on the wall? You will require pro cleaning services, but you should always remember that no two cleaning companies are the same. Make sure you do proper research and consider several factors before choosing the right carpet cleaning services.

At our carpet cleaning company, we also repair and restore high-quality and rare Oriental rugs. Dealing with regular carpets is an easy task for our experienced professionals. We also provide leather cleaning and restoration in Bayside, Queens. Regardless of your carpet’s condition or size, we can help.

Make sure you don’t take any more chances and bring your priceless rugs and carpets to our facility. Give us a call today and have the carpet picked right from your doorstep!

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Smart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
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 3 reviews
byLee W. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
They were successful in removing a thick waxy

For our home twice, and once for a rental property in Bayside, we have now employed Smart Choice Carpet Cleaning three times. Every time, the value and service have left an impression on us. At our home, they were successful in removing a thick waxy residue left on our beige carpet. Today, the owner himself came to clean the rental area’s carpet, which was in bad repair and had pet stains and odors that I wasn't sure could be removed. He completely spared us from having to entirely replace the carpet! It's a world of difference from when he started, and he worked quickly.

byConnor E. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
I'll be using this cleaning service from Smart Choice Carpet again!

Setting up this service for Bayside was incredibly simple! The staff arrived only at 1 day notice and were punctual & really nice. It's remarkable how quickly they finished the process compared to what we expected! The house looks fantastic, and I'll be using this cleaning service from Smart Choice Carpet again! Additionally, their cleaning deal is unbeatable!

byRami S. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
My carpet is now as new as they can be looked! 

The technician from Smart Choice Carpet cleaning just walked away. He was pleasant, diligent, and even on time! My carpet is now as new as they can be looked! I adore this business for being in Bayside. I began by reading the reviews. I concurred and called the service. It was all worth it!