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It is very confusing to make the right decisions about service providers when you require professional carpet cleaning services in Brooklyn. Fortunately, Smart Choice Carpet makes the decision-making process much easier. With highly trained staff, it is possible to get even the finest rugs and oriental rugs expertly cleaned and repaired. Though it is possible to have installed or wall to wall carpeting professionally cleaned, it is also easier than ever to have precious oriental rugs treated on the site or taken to the Brooklyn office to be expertly assessed, cleaned and restored.

Oriental Rug Repair Services in Brooklyn

Though we emphasize cleaning, that is not the only way to treat your valuable oriental rugs and other carpets. It is why we also examine every Oriental rug for any damages and then repair them fully. We can:

  • Address water damage which may include re-weaving fibers specially dyed to match the original fabric
  • Eliminate stains due to pets and ensure that odors are permanently removed
  • Repair fringe that is worn or which may have started to unravel.
  • Fix moth damage by matching and re-weaving any missing fibers

We may be able to do this onsite but prefer the space and specialized tools in our Brooklyn location.

Get World Class Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in Brooklyn

Why allow our team to remove the rugs and bring them to our Brooklyn location? It is because we have the facilities and gear to lay out the carpet, do a full assessment and then clean it with the safest, most effective and yet eco-friendly and carpet preserving compounds.

We don’t use some specialized vacuum or other simple tools, but instead lay out a rug and use tools and safe compounds to get rid of everything from fungi or bacteria and allergens to mold, mildew, stains and odors.

This can require the use of steam cleaning or deep shampooing, yet it also demands in-depth knowledge into the construction of carpets to ensure they are never faded, harmed, or altered during cleanings.

At Smart Choice Carpet in Brooklyn we are dedicated to restoring your carpets. Whether it is just a deep cleaning that ensures colors are bright or repairs that include weaving and dyeing fibers, you can be sure the job is done right. Get in touch with us to book a pickup or discuss your needs for carpet cleaning and repair in Brooklyn.

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