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The peaceful parks, friendly neighborhoods, and memorable sights make Brooklyn a great place to live. It offers plenty of fun activities for children, making it a family-centered area. Places like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and the Prospect Park Zoo ensure that families never run of things to do- whether they are planning a weekend trip or an afternoon outing. Moreover, you can fulfill your goal of buying your dream house and investing in your property by adding different decorative items such as antique Persian and oriental rugs. 

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Our Oriental Rug Cleaning & Restoration Services

Area rugs bring an aesthetic look to any expanse. Furthermore, they reflect your style and preferences to the guests whenever they visit. While keeping a rug is an amazing choice, maintaining it so it retains its original shape can be a headache. This is especially the case in Brooklyn, where most rug cleaning and restoration services lack transparency and charge a lot for their services. No matter how expensive your rug is, it will eventually lose its color or suffer from damage due to various reasons. Some of the causes include water damage, discoloration, and wear and tear. Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, you cannot bring the rug back to its original form on your own. While hiring a rug cleaning service is optimal, numerous misconceptions prevent people from hiring a rug cleaning and restoration service in Brooklyn.

Fortunately, if you consult with the professionals at Smart choice rug care, they can provide the best services at reasonable costs. Not to mention, their quality of restoration services will breathe new life into your carpet, returning it back to its original state.

When you choose Smart choice rug care rug cleaning and restoration service in Brooklyn, you increase the longevity of your rug, eliminating chances of severe damage. The team at Smart choice rug care provides incredible service by strengthening the rug deep inside the fibers. With their extensive knowledge and skills, our technicians will understand the quality and material of the rug before executing any technique for restoration. After analyzing the extent of the damage, they carefully fix issues like loose threads and stains.

The technicians at our restoration and cleaning center are consistently in contact with clients. This way, our clients receive constant updates about all the steps their precious rugs go through. At Smart choice rug care, we offer the best care for your rugs, effectively restoring it back to the way it was when you purchased it. After all, we understand the value of a precious Oriental rug to an interior décor enthusiast.

Many rug restorations and repairing services fail to maintain transparency by not informing clients about the process. This indicates a lack of commitment to providing quality while cleaning and restoring a rug. These companies use chemicals and cleaners that deteriorate the health of the rug. The chemicals seep deep inside the rug, damaging the fibers. Over time, the rug suffers from extreme wear and tear and loses its shine. On the other hand, we use professional tools and ensure that clients are aware of all the techniques we choose. Thanks to the expert team here at Smart choice rug care, we ensure that you will receive the best service in Brooklyn. Below, you will find various types of rugs that we can provide care for:

Many people have misconceptions that cleaning and restoring a rug via a service provider will cost them a fortune. Therefore, they ignore the condition of their favorite rug or buy a new one, which can be quite expensive. In this case, hiring cleaning and restoration services in Manhattan will save you a lot of money and extends your rug’s longevity. Sure, they can contact rug repairing and restoration services, but many service providers are not reliable.

Smart choice rug care offers various services to clean and restore your precious area rugs. You can restore your oriental rug back to its original condition with high-quality rug cleaning and restoration service in Manhattan. By contacting Smart choice rug care, you receive the best service for every loose weave, fiber, and stitch. Our experienced technicians and specialists understand the value of your precious rug. Not to mention, they have the skills and tools to bring your rug back to life.

Rug Repair in Brooklyn by Smart Choice

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Oriental Rug Repair Services

When we bring in your area rug for repair, we first use the pre-inspection procedure. This way, we can understand the cause of the damage more clearly. This is so we can take the causes into account before addressing the issues. After all, a Persian rug that has suffered from regular wear and tear will require different treatment from one that has suffered water damage. As part of our Oriental rug repair services, we use techniques that increase the rug’s quality and value. We offer a range of solutions and explain how each can help restore the rug’s original look. The trained technicians at Smart Choice assess the rug and estimate the price so you have a clear idea about how much you will be paying. Ultimately, the price of restoration and repair depends on the time it takes for repair and the material of the area rug.

After that, we begin the cleaning process by removing dust and bacteria from the rug. This will help our technicians to inspect the rug closely. After this, they will use various high-tech tools to restore the rug. This is essential to provide remarkable results that increase the beauty and longevity of your Oriental rug. Of course, the techniques will vary based on the material of the rug and how delicate it is. Here are a few types of Oriental rugs that we repair:

Types of Repairs to Oriental rug

1. Color Restoration

The color of Oriental rugs fades with time. After continuous use, the colors and patterns of the rugs no longer stay the same as they used to be. This can fill you with regret for failing to take good care of your rug. Artisans use special dyes to color antique rugs, so it’s essential to maintain them if you want to preserve the color. If you keep your rug in a location with huge foot traffic or sunlight, the dye is bound to fade. You can slow down the fading process by keeping the area rug in an area away from sunlight. But what if it’s too late? Luckily, at Smart choice rug cares, we offer fantastic color restoring services. Our professionals can treat your rug to restore as much of the original tone and color as possible. 

2. Fringe Repair

In any carpet, fringes face the most damage before any other part. This comes as no surprise, considering their delicate nature. More importantly, this happens because they are extensions of the foundation that comes out of both sides. When the fringes suffer from wear and tear, it implies that the foundation will soon face severe damage. These extensions are the wraps holding the knots of the material. To bring back these tassels into position, manufacturers use a weaving technique. They will cut the sides to make new tassels on their own.

Fringes keep the fibers of the rug together, but if they fail to stay together, the oriental rug risks loosening. One by one, each thread will break, damaging your rug permanently. If you want to preserve the life and beauty of your rug, you need to try. Sure, it can be a hassle to change how you retain your rug’s longevity, but if you delay repairs, you risk destroying it completely. In that case, you will need professional support to repair the rug in time without causing any complications and further damage.

Suppose you want to repair your Oriental rug in Brooklyn, contact and consult our team. They will visit your home theta inspect the damage. Based on this, they can estimate how well they can recover the rug’s original state. After analyzing the rug, they will provide solutions and quote the price accordingly. At Smart choice rug care, you can find the best rug repairing and restoration team in Brooklyn to re-weave new tassels within your budget.

3. Water Damage Repair

Water can damage your carpet, causing mildew and mold. These organisms grow under the carpet in a damp place, which can damage the fibers. They create a habitat in your area rug and spread rapidly. Due to this, the rug breaks off from different places. At this rate, you risk losing your precious area rug to mold. If you know that water is causing damage to your Oriental rug, it is time to contact a professional team that can offer restoration services. You can contact our team in Brooklyn for furthermore information. At Smart Choice, members of our professional restoration and cleaning team have been working in this field for many years. They know how to breathe new life back into your rug and reverse the effects of harsh conditions such as water damage. 

4. Rug Reweaving

The weaves of your rug may suffer from damage due to various reasons. It might suffer from ripping, fire, or pet chewing. However, we can re-weave these rugs and restore them to their original condition. At Smart choice rug care, our experienced technicians use their expertise and skills, combined with advanced techniques, to restore the rug. Rug restoration is not an easy task because it requires understanding the designs, colors, and stitching. Technicians at Smart choice rug care have the capabilities and skills to identify missing parts, fill in the rug, and bring it back to its original form. The professionals at our service center inspect the rug properly and identify the damage. They will quote you a price for the re-weaving process. Once you understand the phases and get a quote, we will begin the restoration process. Here are a few re-weaving services that we provide: 

  • Patching
  • Frayed corners
  • Rips
  • Stretching
  • Fire damage
  • Hole in the rug
  • Tears
  • Patching and much more

5. Moth Damage Repair

Moths feed on wool in items such as clothes and rugs. The foundation of most rugs is made from cotton but covered in wool. When moths feed on your rug, the foundation becomes coverless. If you want to recover your rug after moths have nibbled on it, you need help from a professional team such as that of Smart choice rug care in Brooklyn. The rug cleaning team at our service center can repair the rug, bringing it back to its originals form.

The process starts by choosing the sourcing fabric. Then, the team measures the length of the rug and selects the appropriate restoration technique. Repairing moth damage takes a lot of time and effort, but this should not be surprising; after all, perfection takes time!

6. Overcasting & Stitching

You can prevent your rug from unraveling by overcasting it. Our experts will stitch along the edges of the rug. When the fringes come off, technicians will stop the disentanglement by stitching back the threads that are unraveling. If you fail to repair your rug in time, you risk it tearing into different pieces. A professional technician from our service center will untie the knots after removing the fringes. They will maintain the strength of the rug by stretching the thread and stitching tightly. Once they are done with the stitching, they will tie the knots properly. Now, they will stitch back the tassels.

7. Blocking and Stretching

You can reshape your rug by blocking and stretching techniques. When wrinkles appear on your rug, it becomes uneven. This may happen because of pulling, tearing, rough use, and poor cleaning techniques. Many people use different methods to remove wrinkles at home, but none of them work efficiently. However, stretching requires expertise and industrial equipment to work. On the contrary, hiring professional steam to restore your area rug will help you get remarkable results. Our expert team does not use heavy objects to stretch the rug and bring it back to the original shape. Rather, they know advanced techniques that straighten and flatten the Oriental rug.

The professional team at Smart choice rug care has immense experience in the blocking technique. Many people do not see the point of removing wrinkles and curls from the side of their rugs. However, oriental, and antique rugs look the most beautiful when they lie flat on your floor or hang on the wall. Wrinkling can cause tripping and other problems. However, with the help of our team, you can fix issues in the foundation without any worries.

Organic & Steam Rug Cleaning Services

Using carpet cleaner on oriental rugs weakens the fibers and causes permanent damage. While these products are harmful to the carpet, they also put your health at risk. That is why you need a professional team like Smart choice rug care to offer organic, steam rug cleaning. The tools and products that our team will use for rug cleaning will remove all the toxic substances, effectively keeping the environment safe. Below, you will find some benefits of using Oriental and steam rug cleaning services from Smart Choice. 

Carpet’s Life

A professional team in Brooklyn, such as Smart choice rug care, ensures that you receive the best cleaning services in the city. They will preserve the color and texture of the carpet by using professional techniques. They will maintain the quality of the fibers by preventing chemical-related damage. This will keep your area rug healthy and increase its lifespan. For instance, they use organic and steam cleaning techniques to refreshing and strengthen the fibers. 

Safe Techniques

Our restoration techniques do not feature any harmful substances or materials. All our employees work under professional supervisors with years of experience in the field. Many rug cleaning services in Brooklyn use chemicals that can risk aggravating your health. Therefore, ask the technicians about the procedure they use for restoration before beginning the process. In contrast, Smart Choice rug cleaning services in Brooklyn can provide complete details about the procedures and how they can restore your rug’s original charm. We will keep you updated at every step of the process, so you know what phase of restoration your precious carpet is going through.

Better Environment

The chemicals and other substances used by various rug restoration companies are toxic to the environment. Ultimately, these chemicals will affect the quality and color of your rug. If you visit an unprofessional team for rug cleaning, they may provide incompetent services. Different rug materials and sizes require a different type of treatments. You need a team that is aware of various techniques and understands what your Oriental rug means to you. At Smart choice rug care, we use safe materials and techniques, keeping in mind the health of your carpet and your family. 

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If you are looking for rug repairing services in Brooklyn, your rug needs repairing or restoration. Your area rug may hold great sentimental value, adding aesthetic appeal to your home. It is possible that your family has had it for a long time and kept it as part of your heritage. Or, you may have a taste for antique designs. Regardless, you need to look for a professional team with extensive rug cleaning experience. They should be able to provide all types of treatment to make your rug good as new.

Repairing your rug with help from professional restoring services in Brooklyn, such as Smart Choice, will help you increase its value and appeal. We ensure that the unique character of your rug remains intact and the same as the day you bought it. Therefore, we use advanced and suitable weaving and dying techniques for each part of the rug. You can contact us or visit this guide to learn more about the services we provide.

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Smart Choice Carpets has made an eminent showing cleaning my valuable Kashmiri and Turkish carpets on two events. Furthermore, my mother-in-law purchased an exquisite rug she's excited with at an entirely sensible cost. These are the most reliable expert rug specialists in Brooklyn! Highly Recommended!

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Rug reweaving is one of the hardest jobs to be done but after me shifting to Brooklyn, the Smart Choice Carpets has done it tremendously! I cannot thank enough to the staff who picked my hand made rug, reweaved it and restored its color to original. Keep up the good work this same way!

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My son was in the clinic and was returning home to recuperate. We needed our gigantic pet smelling hand tied oriental rug cleaned & restored before he got back home. The staff from Smart Choice Carpet was exceptionally proficient particularly during the pandemic. The rug told the truth out so and lovely. It would appear that new!!

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Smart Choice Carpets is incredible. The staff is proficient and extraordinary to work with. They got my rugs and moved furniture around to take it out. They additionally held it when I was away from home for two weeks. While returning the rug it was shimmering spotless and they moved furniture to return it to where it was. Enthusiastically suggest to everyone in Brooklyn!

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