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Fresh Meadows is a neighborhood in the northeastern region of Queens Boroughs in New York City. Although it’s not one of the upscale neighborhoods in Queens, it’s one of the most humble and tranquil living spaces in all of Queens. Residents of Fresh Meadows find it satisfying to decorate their humble dwellings and adorn them with Oriental rugs and carpets. In fact, some of the most popular local businesses have also invested in rugs and carpets.

The only challenge residents face after purchasing pricey rugs is finding quality carpet cleaning services. Finding a reliable carpet cleaning company in Fresh Meadows is tricky despite being a friendly neighborhood that accompanies many small businesses. That’s where Smart Choice Carpet comes in to help you revive your Oriental rugs and carpets!

What Carpet Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

Are you looking for premium-quality carpet cleaning services to make sure your expensive rugs and carpets remain clean for years to come? Well, you’re at the right place! Our services primarily include prolonging the life of Oriental rugs and regular carpets, no matter how big or small. We’ve restored even the grimiest and dirtiest of carpets in Fresh Meadows, Queens. Typical vacuuming is no match for our professional carpet cleaning services.

We can revive the bright colors and deep shine of your carpet. Our deep cleaning process using environmentally-friendly and organic chemicals shows our dedication. Additionally, we also steam clean, deodorize, and restore carpets. Our services are suitable for residential and commercial spaces.

We Can Clean Your Oriental Rugs

You will find our cleaning services far better than any other carpet cleaning company in Fresh Meadows, Queens. We have dealt with the most expensive Oriental rugs and carpets during our operations. To keep the fabric quality and weave integrity intact, we use non-abrasive and gentle cleaning techniques that deliver extra shine. Our experts know what they’re doing when we take up an expensive carpet cleaning job.

In addition to pollution, stains, and foot traffic, many other damaging factors can destroy your Oriental rug. Not to mention, that can also reduce the lifespan and decor value of your rug. You will need experienced pros to help you out. At our facility, we clean Oriental rugs with the help of the best professionals in the business.

Get Professional Carpet Repair, Restoration, and More!

Do you want your carpet or Oriental rug to look vibrant again? Don’t wait any longer and contact the right professionals for the job today. We advise not taking any chances with sub-par carpet cleaning services and going for a reputable company like Smart Choice Carpet.

We ensure steam cleaning, deodorizing, extensive repairing, restoration, and safe delivery. We will pick up the carpet and deliver it to your doorstep after completion. Our professionals are worth your time and money. Our services include repairing damaged, worn, and torn rugs/carpets.

Our restoration services speak for themselves. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your carpets are, we will take great care in cleaning and returning the shine to them. Wondering if we can clean your large commercial property rug? Contact Smart Choice Carpet today and book a meeting!

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Smart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
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 3 reviews
byAvigale N. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Excellent job!

Smart Choice Carpet did an excellent job, being prompt, efficient, and personable. I have an apartment comprising of four bedrooms, carpeted stairs, and family room in Fresh Meadows. All of their carpets needed to be cleaned. The staff was able to remove stains that other companies could not. Very & highly impressed!

byKay A. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Smart Choice Carpet cleaning service for years...

We always use Smart Choice Carpet cleaning service for years now being in Fresh Meadows. They are punctual, hardworking, and professional. They can indeed remove dreadful stains from carpets. Always a five-star operation!

byLinda P. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
The best thing is punctuality!

It's a quick appointment scheduling and the best thing is punctuality! Smart Choice Carpet cleaning thoroughly cleaned our rugs and loveseat. Did an excellent professional cleaning job.