ABC Rug Cleaning

Antique Wool Oriental Rug

ABC carpets represent some of the finest carpets available on the market today. The styles available range from the ultra-modern to traditional, and there is an ABC carpet or rug suitable for any décor. However, as with any floor covering, the time will come when even an ABC rug will need to be cleaned.

Pick Smart Choice to Clean Your ABC Rug

ABC carpets and rugs are made from the finest natural fibers – wool and silk – and deserve and need the special cleaning care that Smart Choice in Manhattan can provide. To properly clean natural fiber carpets is an art; only the best green cleaning products must be used and care must be taken to prevent damage of any kind to the piece. Smart Choice understands exactly how to provide ABC rug cleaning not only to clean the rug thoroughly, but to do so without causing any harm.

Smart Choice will clean your ABC carpet in our state-of-the-art facility. We actually mirror the techniques used by the original rug makers to clean your rug or carpet completely. Rugs made in India or the Middle East are traditionally washed in rivers and streams, and Smart Choice technicians do the same in a more ‘modern’ way; we use organic products and clean, fresh water to remove dirt, grime, and stains from your rug.

When you have decided to place an ABC rug or carpet in your home, you are making a commitment. These carpets represent the work of months of specialized labor; the artist who produced the rug dedicated a significant portion of his or her life to its creation. This helps to make the ABC rug valuable not only on a monetary scale, but on a human scale, and makes the rug deserving of the best care when cleaning is required.