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Fringe Repair by Hand

What is Fringe?

You, like many Smart Choice customers, may be surprised to learn that the fringe on your hand-woven rug isn’t for decoration. Fringe is actually the ends of the wefts (horizontal threads) or warps (vertical threads) that make up the structure of the entire rug. These ends are tied in knots and trimmed when hand weaving is complete to look neat, but they actually serve a much bigger purpose!

Because fringe runs from one end to the other, if the knots above the tassels are undone or damaged, the entire rug can unravel, affecting both value and appearance. Fringe repair is the only thing that can save a rug with damaged or torn fringe.

With machine woven rugs, the fringe usually is decorative, added on after the rug is complete to make it look like a hand-woven (and more expensive) counterpart. Worn fringe on these types of rugs can simply be removed and replaced to make the rug look brand new!

Choose Smart Choices's Fringe Repair Services!

We take fringe repair to the next level! Our staff knows exactly what to do with dirty, worn fringe, and they can make your heirloom or well-used home accessory look brand new, usually within a week.

You don’t have to look at missing or torn fringe a minute longer! Smart Choice experts know how to do fringe repair for any type of rug, whether it’s a priceless family treasure or something you bought to cover scratches in the hardwood. Trust our team for the most effective rug and fringe repair in the area!

Available Options for Fringe Repair:

Smart Choice makes suggestions for fringe repair based on your budget and the type of rug you have. Hand woven rugs, for example, may be worth spending a little extra time and money on versus a machine woven rug that is less valuable.

Re-inserting Fringe

This fringe repair service must be done by hand because it requires intricate weaving of the warps back into the structure of the rug itself. This method of fringe repair is more costly than most, but it fully restores the value and appearance of your rug. 

Re-inserting Fringe Repair

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching of pre-woven fringe is a very common Smart Choice service because it gives the rug owner a beautiful rug once again and no more unraveling can happen, but he or she can choose to have the original fringe repaired at a later date. We simply hand weave a pre-woven fringe to the affected end of the rug, leaving the existing fringe in place.

Oriental Rug Hand Stitching​

Hand Overcast

Skilled craftspeople can stop unraveling before it ruins the rug. Hand overcasting, recommended for hand woven rugs, is done by weaving a lock stitch through the weft threads and is a good choice when the fringe is damaged down to the knots. 

Oriental Rug Overcasting Repair

Machine Stitching

Much the same as hand stitching of pre-woven fringe, this technique utilizes a specially designed machine to add the new fringe. It is a less expensive option than hand stitching, but it produces a like-new appearance for synthetic and hand woven rugs alike. 

Machine Binding

If you have a rug made from natural fibers, machinery can be used to trim, bevel, and bind the edges of your rug. This type of edge repair can be done in a variety of widths, usually with cotton fabric which works well with all machine and hand woven rugs.

Binding a rug Edge

Other than your budget and the type of rug we’re working with, Smart Choice will also take into account the severity of the damage when we recommend a fringe repair service from the list above in order to give customers the best results.

Restore the Value of Your Rug!

Fringe repair is a service that prevents a rug from unraveling and ruining the rug entirely. Fringe on a hand woven rug is the result of the rug’s creation process. The ends of the warps and wefts, the main frame of the rug, are left long and tied in knots to keep the rug from unraveling. When the fringe on hand woven rugs gets damaged, fringe repair is necessary to preserve the rug. Professional fringe repair can restore the appearance of a well-used rug as well as its value. 

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 10 reviews
byNikki C. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
I'll highly recommend fixing fringe by Smart Choice Carpet

The staff from Smart Choice Carpet worked really hard on fixing/adding fringe to my rugs. They were responsive, convenient and made a special effort to ensure the rug was set appropriately in my room. Depending on my experience, I'll highly recommend them.

byShevon N. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
The fringe repairing was so professional

I had my beautiful Kashmiri rug damaged due to excessive rains. A friend recommended Smart Choice Carpet & it all went well. The fringe repairing was so professional that I myself couldn’t believe if it was repaired on the used carpet. Thumbs up!

byNaira De W. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Smart Choice Carpets did their job amazingly

I needed fringe of my Turkish rug to be hand stitched & was not able to find the experts who could do the job for me. Smart Choice Carpets did it amazingly and I couldn’t believe in my eyes after the complete repair process. I’ll definitely hire them again for services.

byLizzy H. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
I am so happy with the great service

I had a party at home on Christmas & some kids just ruined my dear rug placed in the lounge. I needed to repair the fringe as they torn it out. The staff from Smart Choice Carpet picked up the rug, repaired as just as I wanted. I am so happy with the great service. They also dropped the rug to my place!

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