Kashmir Rug Cleaning

Antique Wool Oriental Rug

Your Kashmir rug deserves the very best treatment on the market. Antiques represent significant costs and we know it is a priority to keep this gem in perfect condition. We are fully equipped to handle all your rug needs in an environment friendly way. No need to worry when Smart Choice Rug Care is cleaning your Kashmir rug with organic products.

Why use Organic Cleaning Products?

With older rugs, the harsh chemicals often used by cleaning companies can create serious damage. Your carpet’s true coloring could be compromised in the process. However, our products are safe for both your rug and your family. Not only do we not use rough chemicals on your carpet, but we allow only the best of green materials in our services.

Professional Kashmir Rug Care

It can be tempting to try to clean your rug yourself. But the best thing for your carpet, especially a beautiful antique like a Kashmir rug, is to get it looked over and cleaned by a professional. We know what signs to look for and how to properly wash and dry your fabric with no shrinkage or color bleeding. Our experts ensure your carpet is returned to you looking better than ever.

We care about our customers and your carpets. Our company is committed to excellence and integrity for all of your rug cleaning needs. Feel free to call or stop by if you want to know more about our mild green cleaning products. Smart Choice Rug Care is a decision you won’t regret making for your carpet.