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Jamaica Estates is one of the most fast-paced and lively neighborhoods in Queens Boroughs, New York City. It has a slightly higher population than most neighborhoods in Queens and relatively increased business activity in the last few years despite the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Business activities take place year-round with no exception, and residents enjoy a lot of perks living with their families, including high-quality medical care.

The neighborhood is part of the Queens Community District 8. Residents in Jamaica Estates and Queens decorate their homes proudly using Oriental rugs and carpets. For quality rug and carpet cleaning services and more, they opt for the best in business, Smart Choice Carpet. Find out what makes Smart Choice Carpet one of the best carpet cleaning, repairing, and restoration companies in Jamaica Estates.

What Carpet Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

Does the thought of carpet cleaning at the home drive you mad? Vacuuming is a regular cleaning method and won’t necessarily work for all types of rugs and carpets. However, you can try professional carpet cleaning services to finally unroll that dirty and grimy Oriental rug in your garage.

Investing in expensive carpets and rugs can give your house a new look. To preserve the natural appearance of your rugs and carpets, reach out to pros who can clean and freshen them up using high-quality techniques.

Stains, foot traffic, and UV exposure deteriorate carpet quality. However, our professionals use organic cleaning methods and deal with all the issues mentioned earlier to keep quality intact. We clean both residential and commercial carpets/rugs and offer steam cleaning, deodorizing, and other services.

We Can Clean Your Oriental Rugs

You can’t expect regular cleaning to keep your carpets fresh and clean. You’ll require professional cleaning to ensure that your carpets look brand new. However, Oriental rugs are a completely different game because they contain delicate fabrics and weave.

Carpet cleaners have to be more careful around Oriental rugs when cleaning them. Plus, only organic cleaning ensures the best results while keeping the quality intact. We advise working with experienced professionals to have your carpets, and expensive Oriental rugs cleaned.

Oriental rugs can sustain damage from prolonged UV light exposure, pollution, high foot traffic, and stains. We use organic chemicals and safe cleaning methods to revive your Oriental rugs. And we ensure safe delivery right at your doorstep in Jamaica Estates, Queens. Our professionals know what they’re doing with years of experience in rug cleaning, repairing, and restoration.

Get Professional Carpet Repair, Restoration, and More!

Always go for high-quality carpet cleaners, whether you live in Jamaica Estates, Queens, or somewhere else. Oriental rugs are rare, expensive, and valuable to any home. We advise talking to our professionals at Smart Choice Carpet. We take care of your carpets as no other carpet cleaning service provider would.

We’re worth your time and money. You don’t have to take our word for it; our online reviews and client satisfaction rates speak for us. We provide rug restoration, repair, cleaning, deodorizing, sanitization, and many other professional services.

We have cleaned carpets/rugs for residential and commercial spaces, whether big or small. Contact us today and make your Oriental rug shine beautifully again!

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Smart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
byBryne P. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
100% recommended!

Smart Choice Carpet did an excellent job cleaning and deodorising our carpets. Very hard work, fast service and 100% recommended. Don't bother researching further, they are the cheapest in Jamaica Estates. They showed up promptly on time and did the job right!

byMarina M. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
My recommendation

I just shifted to Jamaica Estates due to my job transfer and the house I took for living had bad smelling of carpets, although the owner cleaned them. I asked a friend and he recommended Smart Choice Carpet cleaning services. And I’m now fond of them! Thumbs up!

byVincent P. onSmart Choice Rug Cleaning and Restoration
The couch they cleaned looks and smells fantastic

Being in Jamaica Estates, I've used Smart Choice Carpet twice, and both times have been outstanding. The cleaners were on time, and were very friendly, the couch they cleaned looks and smells fantastic. Highly Appreciated!