Home Disinfection

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, your home is the safest place to be. To keep your home safe during this time, it is necessary to ensure proper disinfection.

While regularly cleaning your house is necessary at this time, it isn’t enough. This is why professional disinfection and sanitation services are highly beneficial. We at Smart Choice can offer you 100% Eco Friendly disinfection and sterilization treatments for your house using EPA-certified disinfectants.

Home Disinfection Services

We provide eco-friendly disinfection and sterilization services for residential spaces. This is thanks to the eco-friendly disinfecting sprays we use to clean homes. Our disinfecting products have low toxicity ratings and no chemical residues. If you have pets or young children, we guarantee that our disinfection processes are completely safe. A few things to keep in mind:

  • We quickly and efficiently apply disinfectant spraying to your house.
  • All our home disinfection and sanitation services are affordable.
  • Our home disinfection services keep you and your family members safe and prevent the outbreak from spreading by eliminating all pathogens present in your home.

While cleaning, it’s possible to leave out grooves and tight spaces. Regardless of how clean they look, these spaces act as breeding grounds for bacteria. We have special cleaning tools and brushes for disinfecting your office furniture. We clean away all the dirt, dust, and germs from hard to reach spaces.

Home Sterilization

Our home sterilization process destroys 100% of germs residing on the surfaces and equipment in your house. We aim for complete removal of viruses, bacteria, and fungi hiding in difficult to reach areas. Our sterilization treatment adds an extra layer of protection by thoroughly disinfecting hotspots and tight spaces.

We offer several methods for home sterilization. One of the methods is chemical sterilization, in which we use chemicals to sterilize high traffic surfaces and equipment. We mostly use chemical sterilizers to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and waste disposal area. We ensure that our chemical sterilizers are EPA-certified, making them highly safe and allergen-free.

Our team uses other methods of sterilization, including steam sterilization. Depending upon your home’s sanitation requirements, we use hot steam of water or chemicals to sterilize the air and floor. We repeat the process in individual bedrooms. This way, you can ensure that your house isn’t exposed to any harmful and strong chemicals

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