Steam Cleaning for Area Rugs

Remove Dirt Using Carpet Cleaning Machine

Dust mites, fleas, stains from spilled beverages, and grime are just some of the external factors that completely ruin the aesthetic appeal of your oriental rug. What you are left with is a discolored rug that does not befit the interior of your home. Smart Choice Carpet provides an ideal solution to this problem. Our green area rug steam cleaning services use only organic cleaning agents. This makes sure that not only is your rug restored to its original condition, but also your home environment stays safe as well during and after the cleaning process. Place us a call or leave a message on our website if you would like to avail of our quality steam cleaning services.

What is Area Rug Steam Cleaning?

Professional area rug steam cleaning services such as Smart Choice Carpet are nothing less than a blessing for those who do not want to part with their soiled or old area rug. Steam cleaning is the perfect cure to reinvigorate your oriental rug so that it is as good as new.

Although regular vacuuming or purchasing a rug-cleaning agent are viable means to clean your oriental rug, the results achieved would not be as satisfactory as when you seek professional help. Steam cleaning makes use of pressurized hot steam to suck up the dust and grime particles that tend to settle deep down in the fibers of your oriental rug. The outcome of this effective treatment is a fresh and clean rug free from all contaminants.

Steam Cleaning Procedure

Area rug steam cleaning is a very extensive effort to revitalize your oriental rug. At Smart Choice Carpet, we offer economical steam cleaning solutions that have proven time and again to be a highly effective treatment for rug cleaning.

Every oriental rug has its dye bonds, fiber resiliency, and fabric construction. Hence, no two oriental rugs are similar, and cleaning solutions have to be tailored to meet the needs of each rug. However, with steam cleaning, one size usually fits all. This is because modern steam cleaners used by professional companies like Smart Choice Carpet are designed in a manner to meet the needs of all kinds of rugs. This cutting edge equipment delivers steam at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest of area rugs effortlessly. The oriental rug is then sprayed with non-toxic agents to remove some of the more adamant stains and dust particles that are left behind after the steam cleaning.

Today, there is no scarcity of professional services that provide area rug steam cleaning solutions. However, what places Smart Choice Carpet ahead of the curve is the fact that they only use eco-friendly cleaning agents for steam cleaning purposes. This keeps the earth, your family, and yourself out of harm’s way when your oriental rug is being steam cleaned.

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