Indian Rug Cleaning

Antique Wool Oriental Rug

The Indian carpet is a beautiful compilation of Indian and Persian culture, and calls for careful technique when cleaning, which will be provided by our team. This type of rug has bold and beautiful coloring, and a large knot count. It is always important to use extreme care throughout the purifying process. Read on to learn more about your Indian rug, and how it will be cared for by our experts.

Indian Rug Cleaning Procedures

These carpets are generally made with beautiful wool, and as such they take special care during washing. You can set your mind at ease knowing that we will never expose your fabric to any chemicals that might be damaging for your Indian rug. Instead, we work with only the best natural, organic cleaning supplies. This makes a huge difference in your carpet being not only pure and free of dirt and stains, but also safe for your family and pets to lounge and walk on. We will make sure that the hues of your rug stay true, as well, and ensure that no color bleeding occurs.

Our Professionals

Our experts know the exact procedures necessary for your carpet, and will carefully examine and prepare your rug to be cleaned. Our products are safe, and our commitment to integrity can be trusted. Indian rugs are beautiful pieces of art and history, and we believe they should be well-preserved. At Smart Choice Rug Care, your carpet will be cleaned to perfection.

It is our pleasure to assist you with your rug. If you want to learn more about our products or processes, please call or check our website. We make it our mission to keep rugs of exceptional quality looking beautiful. We at Smart Choice Rug Care combine our talents to bring you the very best service.