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Oriental Rug Cleaning

In the rug world, oriental rugs are generally held to be the most beautiful and precious. Because your rug obviously means a great deal to you, you will undoubtedly be concerned to keep it in the best possible condition.
Smart Choice Carpet, serving Manhattan and New York Metro Area, has the skilled personnel and the proper cleaning products for Oriental rug cleaning, whatever the problem may be:

  • Dirt that has been ground into the pile
  • Pollution from the air, including from cooking.
  • Damage caused by exposure to the sun.
  • Stains from beverage spills or pet urine.

Because Oriental rugs are often made from delicate fabrics such as silk or wool, they demand the kind of luxury rug treatment that Smart Choice is noted for. All Oriental rugs are cleaned and cared for at our facility.

When More than Cleaning Is Required

Many Oriental rugs are made by hand, through a laborious process of hand-knotting or weaving. It can take months for a rug to be completed, even if several people are working on it. All of these rugs have a distinctive style and color choice, which sets them apart from all other types of rugs. Keeping your Oriental rug clean using safe, green cleaning methods will provide even antique rugs with the care they need without causing damage to fibers or backing.

Old Oriental rugs may require much more than a cleaning, they may also require repair and restoration. Smart Choice has a staff of skilled artisans on hand who are able to return your rug to you in beautiful condition.

Restoring The Beauty Your Handmade Oriental Rug

Rug repair will encompass mending rips and tears. Damaged fringes will be re-knotted and edges that have become unraveled will also be repaired using an overcast stitching technique in most cases.

Restoration takes repair several steps further and involves actually returning the carpet or rug to as original a condition as possible. Actual reweaving and re-knotting will be carried out using wool or silk strands to duplicate the pattern and colors.Areas where the rug has been entirely worn away can be restored. Rug restoration is actually an art, and Smart Choice will provide expert restoration services to your antique or modern rug.