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Rug Repair

You may have purchased an antique rug with some ‘imperfections’ or maybe one of the favorite rugs in your home has become damaged; either way, you will want to use expert rug repair to fix the problem. Rugs can not only be damaged from ordinary wear and tear, but they can also suffer harm from other sources as well.

  • Clothes moths are notorious for harming natural fibers. The adult moths will lay their eggs in your wool or silk rug. The larvae that hatch have big appetites for these fibers and will chew holes in your rug in time.
  • Dry rot isn’t confined to the structure of a building, it can also affect your rug, usually the cotton backing. Ordinarily the rug is exposed to moisture, which allows the spores of the dry rot fungus to take hold. Blackening of the rug is the first indication that dry rot is present.

In addition to damage by moths and dry rot, the selvedges of rugs and the fringes can also be affected, mostly by wear. Some rugs and carpets will have actual holes worn in them where the fiber and back are completely gone.

Call Smart Choice Carpet for Rug Repair

The various kinds of damage not only reduce the value of your rug, but they also make it unattractive. Fortunately, the artisans at Smart Choice Carpet can provide the ‘medical care’ your rug needs to look great once again.

  • In some cases repairing holes will mean patching the affected area, but it can also involve actually reweaving the spot, using matching fibers.
  • Repairing moth damage usually involves restoring the fibers to the place where the larvae have been feeding. We will use our extensive collection of fibers to return the pile of the rug to normal.
  • Should your rug be suffering from fungal damage, you will definitely need professional help in repairing dry rot. Dry rot changes the entire texture of the rug, making it brittle and hard.

We are also the people to call when the ends and sides of your rug need care.