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Rug Restoration

Oriental rugs are among the most expensive floor coverings in the world. They represent an incredible amount of hand labor by skill carpet makers, and if the rug is an antique, the value can be even higher. It’s not surprising that both contemporary and antique Oriental rugs often cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, time and wear can make inroads on the beauty of the rug and rug restoration may well become necessary. The object of Oriental rug restoration is to return the rug to its original state.

Oriental Rug Color Restoration to the Rescue

If you’ve been shifting furniture around to cover up faded and stained areas on your Oriental rug, Smart Choice Carpet has another option for you – our premier color restoration. You will be both surprised and pleased when we have finished restoring the vibrant colors of your rug.

  • In some cases, fiber will have to be replaced, and we have the ability to match both fiber type and color.
  • Faded rugs, or stained areas, where the pile is still in good condition will benefit from our custom dyeing service.

Not only can our rug restoration increase the value of your Oriental rug, but it will once again make your rug a thing of beauty and a source of pride.

Carpet Dyeing Services

Oriental rugs aren’t the only floor covering that can benefit from our carpet dyeing services. If you’ve been thinking about ripping out your wall-to-wall carpeting because it’s so stained that even cleaning it doesn’t help, why not consider dyeing it? In many cases, the solution to a badly stained carpet is simply to dye it a darker color, covering up the stains and giving the room a real facelift, too. Dyeing the carpet spares you the expense of the purchase and installation of new carpeting. The range of colors available is vast, so finding one that will not only cover discoloration, but also complement your existing décor will not be difficult.