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Futons Cleaning

Originally, futons were simply thin mattresses that the Japanese traditionally placed on the floor to sleep upon. The floors of Japanese homes used to be covered with thick straw mats, so the arrangement was probably not as uncomfortable as we might imagine. However, futons have evolved in time and now the term refers to a double-duty piece of furniture that serves both as a couch and as a bed.

And, simply because a futon is used for two purposes, it has the opportunity to get even more soiled than a bed or sofa would alone. Used both day and night, your futon can soon begin to look and smell bad. Regular cleaning of your futon is essential for both your futon’s health and yours.

Smart Choice Carpet Knows Futons

When your futon needs cleaning, not only will you want it to be usable in the shortest amount of time, but you will not want the upholstery damaged in any way. Harsh chemicals and improper cleaning methods can leave you with a futon that looks awful and may give off offensive chemical vapors. We pay close attention to your futon’s upholstery and can help remove all the things that are making your futon unusable:

  • Sweat from sleeping
  • Grease and oil from skin and hair
  • Dust mites luxuriating in your shed skin cells
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Urine from accidents
  • Spills from eating and drinking on the futon
  • Stains from any of the above


Do you feel competent to find the right cleaning materials for your futon’s upholstery? Futons can be covered in natural or artificial fibers, suede, microfiber, or even leather. Fortunately, Smart Choice Carpet not only knows precisely what cleaning agents to use, but has the modern equipment necessary to use them properly. Our technicians can clean your futon quickly and competently and have it ready for use in a much shorter amount of time than you may have thought possible.