Carpet Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors

Your furry friends are as much a part of your family as anyone, but sometimes accidents can complicate matters. Some pets will leave stains on your oriental carpet, which can be harmful in several ways. In the following few paragraphs, we will break down the why and how of rug cleaning to remove pet odors, and why expert help may be necessary. Don’t let pet stains linger on your favorite work of art!

Stains and Odors on Your Carpet

When a pet has an accident, a stain will develop, and that can be a problem in and of itself. It ruins the beauty of your carpet. More important than that, an unpleasant aroma may accompany the affected spot. In fact, cleaning alone may not take care of the issue, because by this time the aroma has delved deeper into the fabric of your rug. Even if a stain is not obvious or has been cleaned up, the smell can remain. Soon, your entire home or office could be afflicted with the damage. This is where Smart Choice Carpet NY can help. Allow us to take on the project of restoring the gorgeous qualities of your material, freeing it from stains and odors, and getting it back to you in record time.

Why use Smart Choice Carpet Services?

We understand that you are already pressed for time, and would rather spend the day with your loved ones than anything else. Plus, if stains have remained for a while, they may be set into your carpet and hard to remove, affecting your quality of life with smells and unsightly messes. Our highly-trained professionals are able to remove pet stains and odors from your carpet, so that your home will be a happy place for all. We care for your rug, freeing up time for you to focus on what matters most.

How do we Clean Your Carpet?

Our company is committed equally to the environment, and leaving your rug sparkling clean. We use only organic, natural cleaning products that won’t be a hazard to anyone’s health or cause air pollution. We will gently remove and draw out the stain from your carpet, not just masking odors but completely removing the problem. Your rug will be thoroughly checked over for more affected areas, and you can rest assured that your carpet will return completely fresh and purified.

Saving time and your rug investment are both very important! When you trust Smart Choice Carpet NY with your oriental rug, you know you are getting the best service. Let us take care of rug cleaning to remove pet odors. We would love to answer any questions and talk with you more about your carpet.