How to Mothproof Wool Rugs

Moths on Carpet

Before diving into the details of how to mothproof your wool rug, it is crucial that you know which red flags to look out for that would indicate the presence of moths in your rug.

Signs of Moth Presence to Lookout For

You must stay vigilant at all times to spot any signs which would indicate moth presence in your wool rug. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Bare patches and spots on the wool area of your rug

  • Small sand-like particles in the fibers of your wool rug are a strong indication of moth existence in the rug.

  • Larval cases lying around the edges of the wool rug is a clear sign that your rug is infested with moth larvae. If you observe, you might also see adult moths hopping about on the wool rug.

How to Mothproof Your Wool Rugs Kept in Storage?

Before stashing your wool rug away in storage, you need to observe the following steps to make sure that your rug is properly mothproofed:

  • Start by vacuuming your wool rug extensively. This removes the presence of all the moths’ eggs. Place the rug outdoors and allow it to dry in the sunshine before you put the rug away for storage. Moths tend to avoid the sunlight, so constant exposure to the sunlight will drive them away, and the moth eggs will be killed as well.

  • Sprinkle red cedar chips across the wool rug. Roll up the rug in a manner so that the cedar sprinkled side of the wool rug is facing inwards. These red cedar chips are readily available in several garden shops.

  • Next, roll out a length of cotton cloth that is wider than the wool rug you just rolled up. Use this piece of cotton cloth to cover up the wool rug completely. Ensure that you leave some spots so that your rug has room to breathe. This is important because if the rug is completely sealed, mold can form on the wool rug.

  • Make sure that you store your wool rug wrapped in the cotton cloth somewhere above the ground level, preferably in a dry and warm place. Do not pile anything over your rug and ensure that nothing else comes into contact with the rug while it is kept away in storage.

Engaging Professional Services for Mothproofing

Although you are welcome to mothproof your wool rug by yourself, the fact stands undisputed that seeking assistance from professional services such as Smart Choice Carpet is the best way to mothproof rugs. Our team of professionals comprises highly qualified individuals who boast a lot of experience in mothproofing rugs and carpets. You can rest assured that your wool rug will stand the test of time after we are done mothproofing it.