How to Clean Bamboo Silk Rugs

Bamboo Silk Rug in Living Room

Many people get nervous when they think about cleaning their bamboo silk rug because it is known to be hard to clean. The lustrous fibers of the bamboo silk are spun from processed bamboo cellulose. Bamboo is a grass that is so fast growing as to be a rapidly renewable natural material. The silk yarn that is made from the bamboo cellulose is soft and silky, just like the real thing. Yet, it is much less expensive than the silk spun by the silkworms.

In this article, we will discuss ways to care for and clean your bamboo silk rugs.

Basic Care

Since the fibers of your bamboo silk rug are not as resilient as wool or other types of fibers, then you will want to avoid placing your rug in a high traffic area. Hallways or near entryways should be avoided. Also, the toenails of pets may pick or snag the fibers.

Rugs that are placed in direct sunlight can be in danger of fading. The sun’s rays will cause the dyes in the fibers to fade or bleach out completely.

Vacuuming Your Bamboo Silk Rug

If you properly care for your bamboo silk rug, it can be used in your home for many years. Just like a traditional silk rug, the fibers are more delicate than a wool, cotton, or synthetic rug and care should be used when cleaning.

If you use a vacuum cleaner on your rug, you will want to raise the bristle bar up so as not to catch on the threads. It would be easier on your rug to use a regular broom or a manual rolling vacuum. Whenever you are sweeping or vacuuming, you always want to go in the direction of the pile, never against it.

Cleaning Up Spills

While you should generally attempt to keep your bamboo silk rug in an area that is not prone to spills, but it may happen that something gets dripped on your rug. If this happens, do not rub at the spill as that will just spread it to additional fibers. Always blot at the stains with a paper towel to soak up any of the excess liquids. If the spill is for something that may leave a stain, use a paper towel that has been dampened with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Remember to blot instead of rubbing.

If you are unsure of what kinds of dyes have been used on your bamboo silk rugs, then you may want to seek the help of a professional to remove the stain. Some vegetable-based dyes can bleed or run when they get wet, and the vinegar solution can bleach them out. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with an expensive item like an area rug.

If you have more questions on caring for your bamboo silk rug, contact the rug experts at Smart Choice Rug Repair & Restoration. We will be happy to help answer any of your rug or home decor related questions.