How to Repair a Rug with Holes in It

Dirt on Carpet

Ask rug experts what to do in order to repair fire and smoke damage in an oriental rug, and most would say for you to phone a professional as soon as you can. Though you may feel like your rug is beyond repair, you would be surprised at the different tools, techniques and compounds that experts have for addressing issues like smoke and fire damage.

Fire, smoke damage, and rugs

Of course, there are a lot of underlying causes that would lead you to need someone to repair fire and smoke damage in oriental rugs. For example, you don’t have to have a fire in your own home in order to need such repairs. It could be that a neighboring property had an issue or that a natural disaster, like a forest fire, in your region allowed heavy smoke inside of the home. It could be that a rug was in a house with a heavy smoker or someone who often burnt food in their kitchen.

No matter what, you may find that you need to alleviate the problems and repair fire and smoke damage in oriental rugs, and the first step is to have the damage assessed by an expert.

What Experts Can Offer

The professionals may be able to use something as simple and safe as baking soda solutions to erase odors from fire and smoke. They may have liquid solutions and they may decide that more intense cleaning is required based on the type of damage and its cause.

Essentially, fire and smoke damage are often related mostly to the odors that are created, and a good rug can soak up strong, acrid smells that will remain in the fibers for years after unless dealt with quickly by an expert. Naturally, you may need to have an expert address the staining from things like soot or ash in addition to the odors, and that is definitely not something to attempt on your own.

If you have a modern, machine-made rug, there are many remediation experts who may be part of your insurance provider’s coverage and who can take care of cleaning and attempting to save the rug. Are they the very best? Typically, you want to work with rug experts rather than just general cleaners.

However, regardless of the types of coverage you have, you must never allow anyone other than an expert attempt to repair fire and smoke damage in oriental rugs. They will be able to determine what sort of materials were used to make the rug, what weaving or knot tying techniques were employed, and whether or not the fibers can withstand certain cleansing products. Even when an oriental or Persian rug is heavily damaged or discolored by smoke and soot, experts may be able to restore even the most delicate silk rugs.

The trick is never to wait to get help and seek expert advice as soon as you can after a rug has sustained smoke or fire damage of any kind.