How to Repair Moth Damage in Oriental Rugs


Many of us keep clothing in cedar boxes or use mothballs to repel the harmful insects from damaging clothing and linens in our homes. But, did you know that these pests also go after oriental rugs? It is easy to mistake the harm they might do to a costly and beautiful rug for traditional wear and tear. In this article, we are going to first explain how to determine that moth damage is happening, or has in the past, and then how repair moth damage in oriental rugs.

Wool or Silk? It Does Not Matter

You might be thinking something along the lines of “Well, my rug is made of silk, they won’t bother it.” Yet, you would be a bit off the mark. They go after lots of natural materials, silk included, and you might find you need to repair moth damage in oriental rugs made almost entirely of silk.

Detecting Signs is Step One to Repair Moth Damage in Oriental Rugs. Even when you vacuum and always keep your rugs free of debris, the simple fact of the matter is that moths or moth larvae can hide inside an oriental rugs knots and threads. They often hide beneath the rug and particularly if you have areas of the rug where furnishings shade or conceal a portion of it.

This is why the larvae can go on for such a long period of time without being detected. As one expert explained, “1 in 5 homes across the US are affected. Moths and carpet beetles can do their damage very quickly. If left too long, the damage often cannot be repaired.” So, how can you tell when they are at work?

Signs of Carpet Moths

If you want to avoid the need to repair moth damage in oriental rugs, it pays to recognize warning signs that larvae are present. These include:

  • Spiderweb-like substances anywhere on the front or rear of the carpet
  • Thinning or bar spots as if the pile has worn away completely
  • Small holes in the pile and foundation
  • Rice-sized cocoons that are often the same color as the rug itself

If you notice any such issues, it is time to eliminate the problem through the use of professional cleaning. While experts say that you can vacuum regularly on both sides, and even use a pad to prevent bugs from migrating from wood or hard surfaces into the rugs, it is best to work with professionals.

They know how to clean rugs the right way and treat them with compounds that may repel insects in the future.

And if they have already feasted on the rug, and you need to repair moth damage in oriental rugs from your home, they can do so at the same time. After all, unless you know how to do the specific kinds of stitching, untying and re-knotting and other repairs, you can damage the rug further. This can cause it to be less attractive and even less valuable.

It is a mistake to think of oriental rug repair as a DIY project. Always contact experts to protect your beautiful investment from damages of any kind.