How to Repair Oriental Rug Fringe

Rug Fringe Repair

An authentic oriental rug is a beautiful example of an artisan’s skill. It does not matter what style it is and whether it uses hand-tied or handwoven methods, the fact that someone (or a group of artisans) can take the many hours required to create a rug is remarkable. There is a lot to an authentic oriental rug including the field, the borders the warp and weave and the fringe.

Fringes can be very long and dramatic or so short they are hardly seen, and yet all are actually part of the rug. They are the leftover threads from the weaving process, and every tassel runs from one end all the way through the middle of the rug to the opposite end. This is like being the foundation or skeleton within the rug, and it is important to repair oriental rug fringe if something is wrong.

What Causes Issues with Fringe

Rugs sit on the floor and are exposed to wear and tear as well as everything from water and dirt to debris and even chemicals brought in on shoes or feet. These can all soil, stain and compromise the fringe on an authentic oriental rug. In fact, you often know that you need to repair oriental rug fringe because it has started to break down or decay and has left the rug in a compromised or unsightly condition.

What It Takes to Repair Oriental Rug Fringe

To begin with, you must always repair oriental rug fringe when it unties, wears away or is torn off as this leaves the knots on the rug exposed and at risk for unraveling. Not only does this reduce the value of the rug but puts it a risk for permanent damage.

Often, you may find you do not need to repair oriental rug fringe after you have it professionally cleaned and inspected. Sometimes, it is just dirt and not decay that is the problem. However, if you do see signs of unraveling, it is the sort of issues that usually needs professional help right away.

Fringe Repair Must be Left to the Professionals

Why? Many experts have the tools and knowledge of rug making techniques to untie and secure the rug before re-knotting the fringe. They may use special stitching and/or tying techniques. They may use overcast methods to stop any unraveling from traveling further down the rug.

Keep in mind that a repair may mean using replacement threads that are a close or identical match to the original rug’s materials. This takes a knowing eye and special skill to accomplish.

While repairing the fringe on an oriental rug is about the good looks and durability of the rug, it also has to be about preserving that rug’s value. As handmade goods, they are always highly prized and valued, and so any repairs and cleaning needed should usually be left to the experts. Whether it is just a single knot on the fringe that has become damaged or decayed or you have noticeable unraveling occurring, the rug can be repaired, but as we said, it is best left to the experts.