Moving and Storing Oriental Rugs

If you’re fortunate enough to own a genuine Oriental rug, then you know how it works to enhance even the most modest room. Oriental rugs are beautiful, but they’re also delicate, so you need to take special care when it comes to moving and storing them.

The Best Way

Ideally, if you have to move an Oriental rug, the best way to do it is to keep it flat. However, this isn’t always practical, so the next best thing is to roll the rug up tight enough that it will be stable during shipping, but not so tight that it ends up getting creased.

You should never fold an Oriental rug. This is because if you do, it can end up getting creased, and if the rug is a bit brittle due to age, folding can even cause it to break. If your Oriental rug does end up being creased, you can rub the creases out by hand by moving your hand over the creases, outward toward the fringe. If you absolutely must iron the rug, do it in the direction of the pile – never iron against the pile. If the creases aren’t all that pronounced, sometimes all the rug needs is a shake to get it back in good condition.

How to Roll?

If you’re rolling an Oriental rug in order to move or store it, it’s generally best to do so with the pile facing inward. The exception to this would be if the underlying structure is weak, or if the pile is fragile. Then, you might roll with the pile outward. It’s also wise to use some sort of support, like a tube, if you’re rolling an Oriental rug. You can buy acid-free archival rug tubes about two dollars per foot, and this is the method used by galleries and museums. You can also buy an ordinary rug tube, and cover it with acid-free paper. This will be cheaper, but really, is two dollars a foot too much to pay to protect your Oriental rug?

You could also use clear polyethylene. In fact, that’s what a lot of museums do, because not only does it protect against insect infestations, it also protects Oriental rugs in the event of a flood.

After the Move

Following the move, you might need to store your Oriental rug for a while before installing it in your new location. It’s important to keep it out of sunlight, and if you’re storing over the long term, you should also make sure to rotate it periodically.

The Final Word

Proper storage and handling of your oriental rug can ensure that you will enjoy it for many years to come, so if you’re moving, follow the above tips.