Silk, Wool or Cotton: What Rug Material is Right for You?

Authentic Persian Rug

Before making a rug purchase, it is important to explore the various material options to decide which will work the best for your space and lifestyle. You have to consider the location of the rug, what kind of traffic the room will have, and what kind of activities will take place in the room.

At Smart Choice Rug Repair & Restoration, we want to help you make the best decision for your home decor purchases. That is why we put together this article exploring the major rug options: wool, silk, and cotton. The following information should help you choose the perfect rug for your space that will stay in a good condition for years.

Wool Rug

One of the most common materials used in rugs, wool makes for a soft and durable rug. The natural wool fibers can be used to make handwoven or machine-made rugs of high-quality. The wool used in rugs generally comes from tended sheep. The process involves sheering the sheep and then scouring the wool before turning it into yarn for the rugs.

Wool is a good option for rugs because it is a strong fiber. It also happens to be naturally water repellent, and it is good at fighting stains. However, it is still soft and cozy, and it also makes a good insulator for staying warm in cooler climates.

Some shedding may occur when the rug is brand new, but that will lessen after a bit of time. Wool does have a habit of fading as the fibers do not hold the dye as well as some other fibers do. Plus, it should not be used in places that are very damp or humid because the wool will absorb the humidity.

Wool rugs are best for high-traffic areas, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Silk Rug

Silk rugs have a subtle sheen to them, and they are extremely soft. They are considered a luxurious flooring choice. Silk fibers come from the silkworm, and they originated in Asian countries. Silk thread absorbs dye easily which makes for rugs with a very rich and vibrant color.

Silk threads are very soft which makes a silk rug feel very sumptuous. Plus, the design details can be of a more intricate and finer quality. Cleaning a silk rug can be more difficult because of the delicate nature and the possibility of the dyes bleeding into one another. Plus, a silk rug can show footprints and wear more easily if put in a high traffic area of the home.

A silk rug is best for a low traffic area of the home like an adult’s bedroom.

Cotton Rug

Many flat-weave rugs are made with cotton fibers. Cotton is actually a vegetable fiber that is grown. It makes for a stronger and less elastic fiber than wool, and it can be tightly woven.

Cotton makes for a very affordable rug that is easy to clean. It doesn’t tend to be as durable as wool, however. Since it is so easy to clean, it can be used in spaces where other rugs would be at risk such as kitchens, bathrooms, and kids’ rooms.

Making a rug purchase will be much easier now that you know what spaces the different fiber materials belong in. If you have more questions about the different rug fibers, feel free to contact one of our carpet experts.